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MGD contest: Wait no more with the waiting world Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Oluwafemi Reis, Nigeria May 24, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Opinions


Today in this fast growing world, there exists a great imbalance in practically every aspect of our daily lives - demand and supply, literacy and illiteracy, right and wrong. Each passing day, men and women go about their daily activities with little or no certainty on what the future holds, just hoping for a positive outcome. Now, after long observations, I have reached a conclusion; we are in a world that waits - waits for a change, a change that will never come, except we go for it!

The world has been stagnated by the reluctance and irresponsibility of the majority. The world has fallen into a slumber, a slumber that can only be disturbed by INDIVIDUAL optimism, commitment and enthusiasm.

In the absence of a natural propelling force to drive young men and women to a future of endless possibilities, there's now a need to create one. I have lost my past and I have not my future, my best bet is now! I have refused to be impoverished by happenings around me. I have a great plan well laid out and I have decided to wait no more. Shall I return to dust with my dreams and let my vissions die unseen? Shall I try at the risk of failing or shall I just sit back and watch things go bad? Shall I speak at the risk of being confused or shall I remain silent at my own expense? We all have great potentials and I have decided to liberate mine, they shall not rot within crossable limits.

If the idea of personal commitment and individual enthusiasm has gone to sleep, then today with every apology I'll disturb the slumber.

To every man and woman, young and old, I say:

Find a problem; solve it
Find a challenge; undertake it
Find a journey; make it
Find a risk; take it
Find an unknown; invent it
Find a disaster; prevent it
Find a need; meet it
Find a dollar; invest it
Find a medal; win it
Find a wound; heal it
Find a weak point; strengthen it
Find a fault; rectify it
Find a question; answer it
Find a record; break it
Find a friend; love him
Find a crown; wear it
Find a conflict; resolve it
Find a deadline; meet it
Find an opportunity; use it
Find a tear; wipe it
Find an obligation; meet it
Find an edict; obey it
Find a beginning; end it, and end it well.

I shall wait no more with the waiting world, and if you don't know what next to do, try changing the world by changing you!



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Writer Profile
Oluwafemi Reis

I am a Nigerian living down here in Nigeria. I'm currently studying civil engineering at university. I look at tommorrow with great optimism, knowing it will come with a face lift.
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