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This is my world...I am gonna make it! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Amit अमित, India May 22, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


The worries of getting hurt...
The sorrow of probable failure... are getting pronounced..
People around me will get a chance to laugh at...
..Because, the hold on life... The catch on success is getting lost
The time is running away like sands in my hand...
I was a kid...then became a naughty child..
who succeeded in being a curious teen...
Now, I am a youth with a bit of seriousness in mind..

Though I am getting older...
Problems are getting many..
..But I will never giveup...
I will have still to make footprints..
On those ways... Where no one has passed through..
I will have to lead the mass, which is privileged with
poverty, illiteracy and backwardness..

This is my world... I am the master of my own world..
I see it as my play ground...
I see it as a theatre, where I play a key role..
I see it as a cinema, where I am the orator and director..
This is my world... I am gonna make it.



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Writer Profile
Amit अमित

I am Post Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay India. I am currently pursing my Ph.D from JNU, New Delhi. I write poems in Hindi. I have some good publication of Hindi poems. Seldom, I write in English too. I love to write about my experiences and emotions.

Eszter | Nov 4th, 2005
I simply love this poem!!!!

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