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MDG Contest: How youth in Nigeria can help achieve the Millennium Development Goals Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Nnakaihe friday, Nigeria May 17, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Opinions


The Millennium Development Goals are in their essence to enthrone a world where hunger, corruption and bad leadership are eliminated. It is also a world where all the essential needs of man are provided. The issue is that such a vision can be realized even on this planet earth if we put all hands on deck.

Here in Nigeria, youth can help in achieving the Millennium Development Goals and they can do that in the following ways:

They should form groups or organizations through which they can advance their objectives. Such groups can be used as a platform to source for the funds needed for their activities.

They have to go all out to inform and enlighten those in the corridors of power about their roles and duties towards making the vision a reality. Young people have to make their leaders understand what the Millennium Development Goals are all about and how they can be achieved. The youth should liaise with those that make and execute the policies of the Nigerian Government with a view to ensuring that a reasonable amount of money is allocated to core ministries like that of Education, Health, Agriculture, Water etc. The youth also have to ensure that the money allocated to every sector is used for what it is meant for and not diverted or misappropriated.

The youth should lobby the legislature in order to get them to pass or make laws that will enable the realization of the MDGs. The youth also have to complement the effort of the Government by sensitizing the people on the need to work towards making the vision a reality.

With the help of the Government, the youth have to set up and manage skill acquisition centers to take care of the unfortunate ones that couldn’t go through the four walls of an institution of higher learning. They have to be taught on what the Millennium Development Goals are and how they can assist the Government in actualizing them. Here, the people will be trained on how to sew cloths, make cosmetics, and drive vehicles. Also to be trained are community health workers, farmers, carpenters, masons etc and this will be geared towards making the people self-reliant, thus eradicating poverty and unemployment which are the main visions of the Millennium Development Goals.

The youth should be both sensitive and vocal and they should criticize the Government constructively. They have to persuade the judiciary to remain a watchdog over other organs of Government to ensure good governance.

The youth in Nigeria should ensure that both those elected or appointed into positions of authority are qualified for the office.

Finally, the Millennium Development Goals will be very much visible if the youth know how to work towards the actualization of the dream.



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