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Women Who Drink Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Martin Tairo, Kenya May 4, 2005
Health   Interviews


Women Who Drink Many are the things in our society, especially the African society, that are a preserve of the males. Even the most liberalized of men and women would not be comfortable watching a woman treading those grounds. But as times have changed, women have entered the fields where men traditionally dominated. It’s no wonder nowadays to see women leading countries.

The issue at hand here is consumption of alcohol. Traditionally, women were only involved in the preparation and serving of beer while their men eagerly waited to consume it. It was a taboo for a woman to be seen drinking and though few of them broke the rules and drank beer, they did it secretively.

Mark Kisilo, a computer technician with a Nairobi company says, "I would not stand a woman who drinks alcohol. A woman must always be sober to ensure that her family is catered for properly. Who will look after the children when she is drunk?" The role of the woman in the family has always been used as a reason why a woman should not get drunk. Many cases of unintended pregnancy terminations have been blamed on the woman getting drunk and smoking during pregnancy, "We have handled a number of cases where pregnant women have had problems that have been positively connected to effects of alcohol and cigarette use." says Dr. Orwa, a private practicing gynecologist.

Christine, a teacher says, "I think women have less power to resist the effects of alcohol as compared to men. They may therefore put themselves at risk of being abused when they are drunk." She explains that there have been cases where women have been raped when they are unconscious after taking alcohol.

Women have on the other hand played down the issues raised by men and the so called 'conservative' women. "Times have changed," says a female university student. She continues, "Drinking is fun and who would not want to enjoy a bottle or two with friends? Everyone should be allowed to have fun, not men only." She says that women should not overdrink so that they don’t expose themselves to the danger of abuse. She states, "Its the men who are adversely affected by the effects of alcohol and they end up ignoring their parental duties. Many marriages have been affected by issues concerning alcohol and the main cause is usually the man."

Michelle, a young business executive says that alcohol helps her relieve the stress she has accumulated after a hard day's work. "I would always go to a pub with my girlfriends for a glass of wine before going home. It helps me relieve stress and make friends too." She says that men who see them alone in pubs think they are commercial sex workers and would always make moves towards them. "You see, I only go to the bar for a drink, men go there for beer and women. Many men would misbehave when they get drunk and pat the barmaids on their butts. You will never see a woman patting a barman no matter how drunk she gets."

Anthony Muthee, an official with Youth Campaign Against Drug Abuse says, "Although the issues raised by both sides hold water to certain extents, consumption of alcohol would affect anyone, man or woman, young or old. The fight against abuse of drugs should not be aimed only at one group of people since that will not take it anywhere. There is no shortcut and if you are asking for my view, alcohol is a drug just like any other. People get addicted. Others die as a result. We are running a campaign against drug abuse and i would advise all to restraint from taking alcohol."



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Writer Profile
Martin Tairo

As a very creative Architecture student at the University of Nairobi, i have had lots of interests in many forms of arts. These include performing arts, writing and drawing.

I have written many articles on issues ranging from humour, politics, religion and even the most controversial topics like human rights and abortion.
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