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Hail Gabriel Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Boniface Chimedza, Zimbabwe May 2, 2005
Human Rights   Poetry


Hail to thee, Son of the Soil,
Thou hast swam in blood for victory,
Thy troubles were worthwhile,
Thou hast pulled our rights from wrongs.
Hail Gabriel, the Victorious Conqueror!

Hail to thee, the Chosen One!
Thy war cry has delivered us from our foes!
Thy ways are just and exemplary!
Thou hast paved way for forthcoming generations!
Hail Gabriel, watch how the enemy falls!

Hail to thee, Founder of Democracy!
Thy messages have gone beyond man-made boundaries,
Thou hast withstood the temptations of the envious!
Thou hast shown thy kindred a clean path to tread on.
Hail Gabriel, thy excellence will reign hereafter!

Hail to thee, the Daring One!
Thou hast spoken out the truth at all costs!
Thy bravery has won us eternal sovereignty!
Thou hast redefined and defended our territorial integrity!
Hail Gabriel, the great tactician, a man of singular vision!

Hail to thee, the Courageous One!
Thou hast torn the enemy’s head asunder.
Thy bravery has enthroned thee with fortitude!
Thou hast shattered the enemy and watched him go under!
Hail Gabriel, the Tireless Warrior!

Hail to thee, the Patriotic Fighter!
Thy wisdom has outwitted that of our foes!
Thou hast defined our true identity,
Thou hast refined our values and ethics.
Hail Gabriel, thou hast changed our world!

Hail to thee, National Legend,
Thou hast taught us to be strong,
Thy ways have never been wrong,
Thou hast fought for the land we belong,
Hail Gabriel, with what can we repay thee?

Hail to thee, Hero of Heroes!
Thou hast rescued us from mental slavery,
Thy unmatched principles have defined our destiny!
Thou hast taught us to forgive and to reconcile,
Hail Gabriel, the fountain of patriotic resilience!

Hail to thee, Cornerstone of Unity!
Thy heart pumps not blood, but togetherness!
Thou hast no marrow in thy bones, but oneness!
Thy veins overflow with national sovereignty!
Hail Gabriel, true supremacy belongs to thee!

Hail to thee, Son of the Soil!
Thou hast soiled us with our land, our most prized possession!
Thou hast spoiled the hopes of the greedy and the selfish,
Thy foes grind their teeth at our resounding ululation!
Thou hast demonstrated the meaning of leadership to the world!
Hail Gabriel, our true Statesman, We Salute You!!!

(Written for His Excellency, the President of the Democratic Republic of Zimbabwe, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe)



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Writer Profile
Boniface Chimedza

Mr. Boniface Chimedza is the Chief Executive Officer of Taletell Entertainment (Private) Limited, a Registered Entertainment Company that conducts its business in accordance with all the applicable local and international laws within Southern Africa and beyond. Mr. Boniface Chimedza, is an Independent Filmmaker, who is also an Actor, Poet and Scriptwriter. Boniface Chimedza has written two television Soaps, namely HEART OF THE FALLS and STATUS. Boniface Chimedza is the Founder and President of the Miss United States of Africa Trust, and is a strong advocate for the emergence of a United States of Africa.
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