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Senegalese Youth Leader contributing to MDG Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Dame DIOP, Apr 28, 2005
Health , Poverty   Short Stories


Mr. Dame Diop, 27
Senegalese Youth Leader contributing to MDG as
Founder and President of Association for the Development of Baity (ADB)

I am from one of these villages ( Baity Bacar, Thies, Senegal) and I am very keen on helping people. I began my studies in the school of Baity Dakhar in 1984 and spent there five years before I went to Tivaouane where I accomplished my secondary school studies. In 1998, I came in the university of Dakar to study English. In five years I got my M.A degree. Presently I am a trainee at Ecole Normal Superieure to become a teacher of English. I have a strong sensitiveness to people’s living conditions. My greatest ambition is to put all my strength either mental or physical at the disposal of all human beings.

My association was created on February 17 th 2004 in Baity. On that very day the management committee, composed of thirty-three members was set. Later on the bureau was chosen among this committee. The embers of this organization are composed of the inhabitants of three villages ( Baity, Bacar, Baity Dakhar and Mbenguene) located in the Region of Thies ( Senegal) and exactly in the Rural Area of Notto Gonge Diama.

These tree villages have, at least, two thousand (200) people. The main economic activities are agriculture, breeding and commerce. These villages are still somehow traditional ones in that there is no good road, no electricity, no cord phone, nor any public or private health center.

This association is created to allow people to gather their different capacities in order to find better living conditions. Its main actions are oriented to the fields of education and health though agriculture, trade and breeding are also taken into account. But, as it is often sated health and education are the foundation of development, hence the justification of our choice.

Despite, the lack of means, the association, so far, has managed to do some good actions so as to achieve its objectives. First of all, we have succeeded in gathering the inhabitants of those villages around an organization where they can meet discuss and make decisions for betterment. Within a short amount of time, some good deeds were achieved due to the determination of our members. During the raining seasons, we bought some mosquito nets and sold them by credit to members who duly needed them to fight against malaria. In the same period, we organized at least five cleaning operations in public places (schools, markets etc) in order to have a healthier environment to fight against all kind of diseases. At beginning of the school year, some copybooks were given out to students, which was very significant to parents. Before that, we had organized holiday’s courses for all the students in many subjects. For the time being, we still continue our program by organizing a Medical Day on April 16 th in Baity. This day is meant to help people by inviting very qualified doctors from Dakar to consulting them and if possible give them medicines free of charge. In this day, all the inhabitants of the rural area are invited to share with us this great opportunity.

Our aim is to continue with the same space, our actions in order to make people live in better conditions. In this respect, we would be very grateful to any person or organization that can help us belie our goal.



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Kids Can Make A Difference (KIDS)
neil jay wollman | Sep 6th, 2009
Kids Can Make A Difference (KIDS) is an innovative educational program for middle school and high school students. It helps them understand the root causes of hunger and poverty and how they as individuals can take action. KIDS has three major components: ►Teachers’ Guide: Finding Solutions To Hunger: Kids Can Make A Difference has provided over 5,000 classrooms, religious schools, after school programs and homeschoolers with tools to help young people to understand the causes of poverty and become informed and effective citizens, realizing their own capacity to change the world. Students learn about the pain of hunger; the importance of food; the inequality of its distribution; and the links between poverty, hunger, joblessness, and homelessness. They are then given the skills to take what they have learned into their communities. ►Website: The KIDS web site is rated one of the top 20 websites for educators by Educational World. The site provides news, a hunger quiz, hunger facts, suggested books, back issues of the newsletter, the table of contents, sample lessons, program notes from the teacher guide; and ►Newsletter: The three yearly issues highlight current hunger issues, showcase student initiatives, and feature teachers' experiences teaching the KIDS program and students' experiences making a difference in their community and world. Contact KIDS at: Larry Levine, Co-Founder KIDS, 1 Borodell Avenue Mystic, CT 06355 (860) 245-3620; (860) 245-3651 FAX kids@kidscanmakeadifference.org; www.kidscanmakeadifference.org KIDS is a project of WHY (World Hunger Year), a leading advocate for community based solutions to hunger and poverty.

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