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Face the reality Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by maria, United States Apr 17, 2005
Human Rights   Poetry


They have money for shows like Rich Girls
But can’t end poverty in this world
Females selling their souls
To men, that should be classified as dogs
In return of materials and richness
Putting our women in disgrace
Making us look like bitches
Life’s about
Winning or losing
Sinning or choosing
But not about the things that will truly make you lose it
It’s hard growing up
Without no one to look up to
Without some one telling you
What’s wrong and what’s good
Without some one to care for you
Through desperate times hold your hands
And say, “I’ll always be there for you”
Sometimes I sit and wonder
Why I don’t have a dad
Is it cuz he wanted me to have what he never had
Or is it cuz it’s life
And it’s teaching my mother
She should have thought twice
But despite of what’s going on, I promise myself I’ll survive.



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Writer Profile

I was born in Dominican Republic, and it wasn't 'til I got to the United States that I started writing. I guess it was then when life slapped me across the face and I couldn't find a way of expressing it, so i started writing.

good job!!!
Amber James | Aug 27th, 2006
o my god this poem speaks the truth!!!good job girl!!!keep on writting this poem seems like its about me

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