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MDG Contest: The future hope Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Odimegwu Onwumere, Nigeria Apr 14, 2005
Human Rights   Poetry
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The future hope

Are we not the future hope
We that are negated in all sphere of life
In Pub, Politics and Policy making
For being young in their eyes,
Becuase of our character,
But matured at heart,
Because of our knowledge?

Our elders,
They bribe us a token
To cause chaos and restiveness
In our millieu, we agree,
We're like dog that eats the bone
With happiness
Having killed the big animal
For her owner, what a confusion!

Are we not the future hope
For having engaged in truancy,
Drug abuse, child's molestation,
And abuse of privilege
That the elders see us as still children
Who they could only use for a purpose,
Their egoistic pursuit for that little token
We kill and molest our fellow being
Pummel the best men to the soil?

For allocation of oil, our crude habit ensue
For allocation of oil, our patriots imbibes anarchy
For allocation of money, our lasses turns philanderers
For allocation of certificate, our children malpractices
For allocation of class, killing ensue
For allocation of family, nepotism emanates

These we stay to watch,
Because we are confused already,
Laughing on the face, but dead at heart,
Our roads, hospitals, markets etc.
Are badly made from the millions of Naira
Contracts awarded
Crumbs are used in working them
That have made the macadam not lasting

Are we not the future hope?
When we abet in bribery
And pomposity we now wear as name,
Promuscuity,lechery,philanderous habits
Became our contemporary habitual habit,
Leaving perpetual problem places
Which our need is to know,
But have turned ruse,
Knave, ludicrous in our environment?

We know the Millennium
We know the Development,
But do we know the goals?
The ones we know are
To perpetrare public pockets
To gang-up for evil, we call gangsterism

Look at our faces dried,
As if we never drank milk,
As if we never drank Kunu,
As if we only drink Gin,
Which is true that our senses
Are bartered with series of complications
Like the greedy Angel trapped down
Espionaging the women bathing
Afresco. But it's true!

Are we not the future hope,
When the culture we imbibe
Are cultures of Capitalism and Nepotism
Abandoning Communalism and Conceptualism
For Confusion-ism and centred-ism,
We lost contrite heart, but con-men in Corruption;
The languages we understand quick
Is Fraud- which is like the con-ning tower
Erected like the tower of Babel,
Which is now our duty to fell
In our milieu to achieve a better goal

Our Govenrment

When it comes to Policy making
The 'rich' keep the rich in fore-front;
But in war, voting and restiveness
The youths are kept in the front

There are things in the open
We look at but do not see-
Why should a man be
Eighteen to Eighteen years
in the gaol without trial?
The trials they make are
The looted treasuries of the looters
Who wouldn't see cops net a day;
We vote
We clap hands
Yet clampering as objects of ludicrous
Subjected to Mendicants & Masochists
Without being Nursed and Nurtured,
But dispensable for emergency restiveness

Are our Patriots,the elders, not bad?
Who debase us, the youths
For having elected them to power?
Instead of job opportunities,
Assassination contracts they give us.
Instead of good public colleges,
Private ones they build for only the rich,
While the underprivileged are kept in desolation
That truly the youths have to do something

To echo to them, to their hearing that
Are we not the future hope?
Do we deserve this mistreatment?
Why call the dog and hold a stick?
Are we not their ch'dren in one n'tion?
Do we deserve this despotic treatment?
Of looting, bribery, untruthfulness etc.
Which lags a polity to grow.

We speek for Millennium and Development,
But do not speak for Peace
But do not speak for Joy
But do not speak for Victory
But do not speak for Winning
But do not speak for Patience
But do not speak for Order
but do not speak for Human Rights
But do not speak for Grace
But do not speak for Learning
But do not speak for Modesty
But do not speak for Goodness
But do not speak for Comely
But do not speak for Code
But do not speak for Constitution
But do not speak for Social acts
But do not speak for Choice
But do not speak for Life
Are we not the future hope?

The voice we hear is Indiscipline
The voice we hear is Discrimination
The voice we hear is Anti-social
The voice we hear is Corporate Vandalisation
The voice we hear is Communal clashes
The voice we hear is Illegal refuse diposal
The voice we hear is Defraud and Debase
The voice we hear is Disgrace and Dellurium
These are the voices asking us
How can we grow, or, achieve our goals?
Are we not the future hope?

When we allow the constitution
Be interpreted to us for its purpose utility
And brotherly love everyone 'wears'
Discarding the sharing of bribes, our money
In Sin-ate houses, for personal usage,
Than its purpose?
Which have kept many homes homeless
That children are wandering in wonder

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Writer Profile
Odimegwu Onwumere

Odimegwu Onwumere, a poet and an author, is the Founder, Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), Rivers State , Nigeria . +2348032552855. apoet25@yahoo.com

If it's prose, he writes stories,
If it's poetry, he writes poems,
If it's drama, he writes screenplays,
And he has achieved some poetry nominations, in the USA and in Canada. He was born in Accra Ghana. A Nigerian by origin and is in his early thirties.

youth and MDGs
mayowa adeniran | Apr 29th, 2006
i hope we should all rise up and invite all youths to support and promote MDGs through various projects to be initiatied.

Kids Can Make A Difference (KIDS)
neil jay wollman | Sep 6th, 2009
Kids Can Make A Difference (KIDS) is an innovative educational program for middle school and high school students. It helps them understand the root causes of hunger and poverty and how they as individuals can take action. KIDS has three major components: ►Teachers’ Guide: Finding Solutions To Hunger: Kids Can Make A Difference has provided over 5,000 classrooms, religious schools, after school programs and homeschoolers with tools to help young people to understand the causes of poverty and become informed and effective citizens, realizing their own capacity to change the world. Students learn about the pain of hunger; the importance of food; the inequality of its distribution; and the links between poverty, hunger, joblessness, and homelessness. They are then given the skills to take what they have learned into their communities. ►Website: The KIDS web site is rated one of the top 20 websites for educators by Educational World. The site provides news, a hunger quiz, hunger facts, suggested books, back issues of the newsletter, the table of contents, sample lessons, program notes from the teacher guide; and ►Newsletter: The three yearly issues highlight current hunger issues, showcase student initiatives, and feature teachers' experiences teaching the KIDS program and students' experiences making a difference in their community and world. Contact KIDS at: Larry Levine, Co-Founder KIDS, 1 Borodell Avenue Mystic, CT 06355 (860) 245-3620; (860) 245-3651 FAX kids@kidscanmakeadifference.org; www.kidscanmakeadifference.org KIDS is a project of WHY (World Hunger Year), a leading advocate for community based solutions to hunger and poverty.

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