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Silhouettes of neglect Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Dmitriy Kokarev, Lebanon Mar 30, 2005
Human Rights   Poetry


Silhouettes of neglect
Step into their world
See their lives ruined, shattered and left to rust
Since the early days and up until today
Mere objects of possession in the hands of men
Another trophy on their wall of insecurity and doubt
A vase on display filled with what they think is suitable and right

The lower sex through eyes of some
A weaker body and unequal mind
In this world that man created
Is there a place for them?
A place where they will be heard and not just seen

Should they remain what they are now
Mere silhouettes that dwell in solitude deep within the corridors of
inferiority and shame?

And through the years
They were tried on
A perfect fit
One size fits all

Treated as an object of desire and lust
No acceptance, no respect
Under the cross or crest
Behind the white or black
The same idea, different place
Take a look all around you
And the picture remains the same
Same action of neglect
Same inequality same result

With lack of education
Lack of possibility to express all that's beneath the skin
Behind the eyes
A world of betrayal
Locked behind walls and doors
Inside mental prisons run with pride

And everyday another scar
Another scab that's peeled
Another victim falls into the trap
Into the whole in which they'll rot

The time has come
For all to stand and raise their hands
To stop this act

Open up to what's around
Don't just blindly agree
Don't become what they expect you to
Fight for acceptance, for respect and pride
Your rights to which by birth you are entitled

So take this moment and reflect
Spread the word
Help us change this world



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Writer Profile
Dmitriy Kokarev

My name is Dmitriy Kokarev-Rizk.
I was born in Russia and spent the first six years of my life in Moscow. Afterwards I had to travel to Lebanon, my father's homeland, where I am living at the moment.
I developed an interest in writing when I was still a child and since then have been writing and reading anything I could get my hands on.
I graduated high school last year and am going to attend NDU University in order to major in English Literature.

hit the spot
oriane | Mar 31st, 2005
women all around the world are being continuously abused. It's our birth right to be treated with respect. It's time something is done about it and awareness is spread throughout the world.

True! But...
Antony Felix O. O. Simbowo | May 4th, 2005
I think the point is..to end the abuse and discrimination but it all starts with you.. Be the world you want the world to be.. Good poetic expression..write a poem book..

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