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Anyone for a summit? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mike, Australia Aug 26, 2002
Human Rights   Opinions


At the top of the website for the United Nations is the phrase "It's your World." A rather significant phrase considering it is the message heralded to a visitor to the website of an organisation that represents those little, but incessantly boisterous land-owners called 'countries' whenever they feel their 'rights' are infringed upon by another even more boisterous nation, or (worse) by an issue that - try as one may - just wont go away.

Dont get me wrong. I love the UN.

Dont laugh, I really do. Everytime I see a summit being held on an issue as controversial and annoyingly real as environmental depletion and economic development I sit back and think to myself; is this the summit where the collective policies that shape future of the world are going to just float through the discussion chamber, and with little disagreement everyone in attendance will agree on the issues importance, commit themselves to solving the problem, and move onto the next pressing grievance?

If only.

Everytime one of these summits is convened there are those who herald a new age among humanity, of unity, of peace, and of action. And then there are those who spoil the good vibes. They complain of the cost of the summit, of the way each country is going to be heard in equality, instead of letting the loudest, (here it is again) boisterous, aggressive, and wealthy countries dominate. After all, its them with the stakes in the countries that are flailing in their loan repayments - regardless of their newly declared state of civil war.

Then there are those who sit back and admire the pure art of it all. The diplomats in their black suits and red ties. The lobbyists in their suede shoes and fancy PDA's. The young people, full of energy and hope, of faith in the idea that with just a little bit of effort, and a little bit of change, the world can be saved.

Perhaps we could all learn something from the young people. That with an informed mind, and a vitality and energy that glows from their eyes as they look from the audience seats (right at the back) and stare in awe at the spectacle of it all, that we too can make a difference within the world with just a little bit of energy, and a little bit of change.

Nevertheless, its time we trust in ourselves. Sure, we can allow ourselves to be engulfed by the hypocracy and apathy of some of the richest nations on the Earth - but at the same time remembering some of those same nations that are in attendance at the summit are trying their best to do something! - but we must take action within our local communities, and at the same time take our voices to a higher level where what we say really has an impact upon an audience long jaded by the apparent uselessness of it all.

At the top of the American dollar bill there is a phrase - In God We Trust.

Perhaps we should have the faith to trust ourselves in solving the earth's problems. Believing our future is shaped by some sort of God is one thing, believing we can avowe all responsibility to the planet we inherited (from God or from time itself) is something very dangerous.

Very dangerous indeed.

- - -



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Haythem Kamel | Jul 18th, 2003
the idea and the soul of the UN is great , and i love it , to have a peacfull world but the fact is , the UN cant do its job because of the unlimited international regulations that happend daily that is the problem

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