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Cigarette Smoking in Nepal Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Prabesh Paudyal, Nepal Aug 25, 2002
Health , Human Rights   Opinions


We know that youth are curious and have an attitude of experimentating. Many youth in Nepal are spoilt in smoking as they want to explore things that they see or are told about by their friends. Many of the youth smoke to be "smart" -- believing what they are shown in the movies and advertisements. Another reason from which the youth are spoilt in cigarette is that they have lack of proper guidance and an unhealthy circle of friends. The parents who are very busy give their children unneccesarily money as they think that money can occupy the space for love, giving them time, understanding their feelings, etc. As these youth are tortured mentally, they go for smoking as they want relaxation and experiment with smoking as nobody says anything about smoking. The bad friends circle also tempts young people to go for cigarette smoking. Here in Nepal, cigarette smoking is a social custom and tradition. Even though cigarette advertisements have been banned, the youth cigarette smokers are increasing day by day. The main reason behind this is that cigarette companies also sponsor concerts, sport events, sport figures, and even dance parties where the youth are present. At these events caps, t-shirts, and other items with brand logos and colours are displayed and given away, and are very popular.

As 3 million people die of cigarette smoking each year, 70% of which are from developing countries, it is really necessary to minimise cigarette smoking. Studies indicate that 80% of the lung cancer is caused by cigarette smoking and as cigarette smoking is often the precursor to drugs there are many NGO’s, individual and government efforts working againt it. Governments are seriously making campaigns to stop cigarette smoking by the media but the urban youth who are targetted are interested in foreign channels. Government has also kept information and effect of cigarette smoking in the curriculum but the teachers themselves smoke in the school compound which influences the students beliefs. Government has not yet banned smoking in public places. I believe that the cigarette companies also should pay tax on the public health. The rate of smokers increasing also indicates that 7-10 million people will die by the year 2020. In our country the people who smoke arrive in the hospital when they have an advanced stage of cancer, not in the preliminary round of cancer. So the death rate by cigarette smoking is high in Nepal. I believe that parents should also guide young people to a good path.



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Prabesh Paudyal

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Smoking is Bad
Manojen | Oct 22nd, 2002
I agree with you. Why do we smoke? Does it help us? Smoking will make us die. It infects our lungs. Parents should be more aware of their children.

global problem,,,our shortcomings
Prabesh Neupane | Jun 16th, 2003
First i thank Mr.Paudyalji for talking about this issue,the article is good. but Beside it and within it too ,,remains wide range of problems. the trend of cigarette smoking is in geometric progression as if it were an epidemic,,,but the point is how are we going to deal with it,,,big things like dealing with cigarette factories regarding tax,,,avertisement can be left for the authorities to handle but our(i would refer to the people of mine age)only responsiblity that seems to me is only one and be most effective,,, we ourself don't start smoking when we are suggesting others not to smoke,,,and thats what seems to be happening around me,the one who suggests us not to smoke ,puffs in the cafe with us,,,,pretty ironic,, and thats the root problem we have.and we cannot change human nature of a willingness to try new things,,,thus again back to the problem.hope everybody considers it.if we are good,country's gonna be good.

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