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A Matter of Morality: Abortion Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Martin Tairo, Kenya Mar 30, 2005


Life is a characteristic of everything on this planet, which is capable of growth, development, and reproduction. Imagine a life where you find yourself having a child; a product of poor contraception or even perhaps rape. Now you are forced to raise this child in a home obviously not suitable for an up bringing of something so delicate and so fragile. With scarce food, a poor education, and with no appropriate shelter or parenting, you find yourself and your child abandoned from society and left for ruin. Two living and breathing souls suddenly brought to a screeching halt, something that could have been avoided well before the situation escalated.

Abortion has become one of the most widely debated ethical issues of our time. Most of the debate raging about abortion in our country has centered around the question of morality. Is this murder? Is this sinful and immoral? Some religions teach that abortion is a sin; others, that it is a woman's duty if a pregnancy endangers her life or her health. This is not true. Reproductive choice is clearly an important aspect of a society committed to the ideals of peace, justice, and freedom. Abortion is an extremely moral choice that benefits women and society. Access to legal abortion upholds women's right to control their destinies and allows children to be born into homes where they will be loved and cared for. The attitude of people who believe abortion is an unnecessary evil doing is dangerous and destructive and undermines the enormous gains due to the availability of good abortion services. Pro-choice supporters are simply individuals who favor a woman’s reproductive rights, including the right to choose to have an abortion

Without abortions, we create a country filled with hatred and violence. Unwanted children who are abused, brutalized, or neglected are more likely to become neurotic, or criminal elements of society. They become individuals who do not care about themselves or others, who are prone to violence, who are filled with hatred for society and for other people. The pro-choice viewpoint remains that the availability of good medical abortions protects the health and fertility of women and allows children to be born into homes where they can receive love, care, affection, and respect for their unique individuality. This is a positive attribute concerning children, ensuring that they will grow up to be loving, caring, responsible members of the community and able to enter into meaningful relationships with others.

Scientific evidence makes it apparent that abortion is not murder. The fetus is at best a potential human being and not yet an actual human being. The differences between a fetus and a newborn baby are many. Take the sensation of pain. A newborn feels pain; this is noticeable by simple observation. Until the very end of pregnancy, however, essentially no evidence exists that a fetus can feel pain. What pro-lifers usually interpret as pain is simply reflex. Before birth, it is not a child or a person with an independent existence. It is a developing mass of tissue that’s connected to the woman's vital biological processes. It is part of that woman with no separate social existence. It has the potential to become human, but it is not yet a separate social being that should have separate social rights. Most pro-life supporters have been known to run their own lives after the bible and its teachings.
According to the Bible, life begins at birth, when a baby draws its first breath. The Bible defines life as a "breath" in several significant passages and does not once mention the word abortion and its “immoral practice.”

The abortion decision is complex and complicated for many women. Many women are unable to take responsibility for raising a child at the time they become pregnant and that abortion is therefore an appropriate option for them.

An abortion need not be a traumatic event; it often is a liberating experience for the woman, who is able to make an important decision in her life, who exercises her right to choose what is best for her and her future children. By fighting for reproductive freedom, we contribute to a more caring and loving society.



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Writer Profile
Martin Tairo

As a very creative Architecture student at the University of Nairobi, i have had lots of interests in many forms of arts. These include performing arts, writing and drawing.

I have written many articles on issues ranging from humour, politics, religion and even the most controversial topics like human rights and abortion.

A matter of Morality: Abortion
Muchoki C. | Apr 11th, 2005
I believe in God. I believe in an awesome God who does not make mistakes. A God who puts a child in one's womb because he knows exactly what he does. If God does not want to give you a baby, he will not. So, we should therefore stop acting God and let him do his work.Rape is horrible and traumatic, but why punish the child for something he/she does not comprehend. The child is a victim of circumstances. Why should he/she pay for another's sins? Why should a child of an unwanted pregnancy (by whatever means) be the one to pay? That child we think will turn out to be a criminal or some other such person may surprise us. He/she could be the leader your country needs, the counsellor your children needs, the shoulder you need to lean on. Let us we mortals step aside and let God do his work and nature take its course. We are never gonna be God so we might as well stop trying!!! Abortion is murder any way i look at it. It should be stopped! You were not aborted, so why do you want to deny anorther a chance that you were given?

Cheryl Gudz | May 12th, 2005
i think you understand the topic of abortion very well and are considerate of both viewpoints (unlike the comment posted above mine!). Stating that a fetus is not a child is important and so is acknowledgeing the real issue of unwanted children. What many people don't even consider when commenting on abortion is the right for women to control when they have a baby. Without legalized abortion, women suffer and continue to pursue abortions in dangerous ways

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