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A gift Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by temitayo ilori, Nigeria Mar 11, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Before I give myself-
out to people
I would first make myself
a gift worthy of honour

I would package myself
with honours and values
that are irresistible
to the eyes of the kings

I would grace the neck
that wears me
and make men bow
to the head that wears me

I would protect safely
the feet that wears me
and exiled cold
from the body I cover

before I give myself
out to people
I would first make myself
not just a gift worthy of honour
but also a king-size gift.

*African youth, we have a long way to go to meet up with the challenges before us so as to be able to cope with our future. Let us not just sit there and cry that our elders are corrupt, but let us through personsal development take the lead also. This challenge might lead to a pool of opportunity if we face it. We can't sit down here begging the developed world to help us when we have not helped ourselves by still sitting in the courtyard of mediocrity and nonchalant attitude. Stand up with me to take the lead.



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Writer Profile
temitayo ilori

I am a young writer from nigeria. My name is tayo ilori. Currently, I am working on a book which talks about the values of life. It will be out very soon if I have a helping hand in the publishing, because I am from background that couldn't afford to publish a book on my own but with talents. I write songs also and am a poet.

the real issue
Akinwole Philips | Mar 24th, 2005
This a nice piece and an issue that need to be taken serious for developing world. I think we need to sanitize our home first before crying for global help. Africa need a new orientation and self awareness to move out of poverty and mediocrity.

The Real Issue/
Eugenia Bivines | Mar 31st, 2007
Let our people go. Those who are not of Africa need to leave and let the people of Africa run its own country. Even though they are not the most literate there are some who are very intelligent. The people of Africa was running there country just fine until these gov. people stepped in to take what is not theirs. Education is the key. Trading, Manufacturing, Entreprenuer ship and much more. The key to Africa Success.

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