by D'Arcy Juni
Published on: Feb 14, 2005
Type: Poetry

A simple man with an empty smile,
denied a sense of elation...
His mirth reflects you and your merciless laughter,
-appointment for modification.

Finding footing, the tinkering begins,
the slaughter of innocence.
They've created a working, living thing,
but exterminated the man's existence.

Now, hunger via infatuation,
do you still feel superior?
The insensitive collaboration,
are you enthused or more partial to fear?

--Through art, perverse, it's self-expression,
a frustrated genius in depression,
his fragility, and thrice occuring murder,
and with Algernon's death came his long awaited answer.

Mere pixilization dumbfounds you, heart strings twanged and the sting
as you witness this controversial display...
tougue tainted, senses bleed, as your activisms corrupted...

--with a "click" it all went away.

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