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Live Life ‘King Size’ Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mike, Uganda Feb 3, 2005
Child & Youth Rights   Opinions
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Kings in this generation are few. And the idea of king is so distant, that when I asked a twelve-year-old boy to name at least two kings, he gave me vague answers like, “king of golf, Tiger Woods and Ronaldo, king of soccer.” I laughed it off but the boy was far from joking. It occurred to me he was right and that all of us can become kings if only we wanted. The word ‘king’ doesn’t make much sense to many people, and the few kings I know are in fact national figures of shame – causing scandals only a few common people would commit (I won’t name them) – their nobility is gone.

In line with the twelve year old, I’m committed to reinstating the nobility of kingship. This time, not of the few who think they have divine rights to be kings, but whoever wakes up to their birthright. “Each one of us is king (queen) in his capacity”. You were born for that… you can be a king in your chosen career, above all, you are a king of your destiny.

Kingship is a process
Kings are both born and made. Each time a life is consummated, a king is born - a king destined to make a difference in the world, changing the course of history. You were born to make history. Once, the child is born, s/he starts a journey of kingship/queenship (as you prefer) culminating only at your day of burial. The type of king depends on earlier realization of who you were, and success registered in the calling comes when you put into effect what you’re capable of…your commitment to your daily duties as a king; the manner you wake up, take a shower, breakfast, ride to your occupation, meeting other people…every breath you take… you’re a king in the making. You make yourself strong as Alexander the Great or a weakling like the Biblical Ahab whose destiny was controlled by his wife.

My friend, you’re not a part-time king. Everyday, everywhere you’ve a crown. Your legacy as a king will be determined by the manner you handle the daily small histories in the making. Remember, history is made by ordinary people who dare to make a difference in the environment in which they born. Kings and queens watch wakefully for an opportunity to serve.

Make a difference
The past, the present, and the project ahead need a courageous walk by person who knows the path he treads. Indeed, while you’ve many admirers, you walk this path alone since no one has, or will ever be like you. Therefore, you’ve got to make a historical move at each step - as kingly as it can be. On this path, success depends largely on the way you look at your project. Kings don’t allow pebbles to put them down – the small failures of life are learning experiences. Kings make failures into opportunities for growth and materials for writing a better history. Kings turn these pebbles into diamonds. Eventually, they enrich their kingdoms with these diamonds that earlier seemed like falling spots.

The attitude of the king

The king sees a bright sunshine in a bitter winter. A king lights a candle in total darkness. He is a symbol of perseverance in the face of trouble. It is the king who looks in the eyes of obstacles while he leads his subjects. Kings don’t take anything for granted. They are not procrastinators. When action is needed, kings know it’s their duty. There is nobody to blame but themselves for any failures. That’s why I say kingship is lifetime job. King at home, king at work, and king everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong because kingship is not dominion. It is what you are and what you do that makes you a king or a kit. Therefore, you must practice the virtues of kingship; justice, wisdom, temperance and courage. There is no pretence at work. While you are a king, you must be noble. That’s what you have to be.

A King among people
Unlike the king in the beautiful novel, The Little Prince, without subjects, the king of our time is people-centred. He is not a master because his people too, are kings. He doesn’t load it over to anybody…he is a steward ensuring everything in the kingdom reaches to the remotest ends of their destination. He promotes good governance, social justice, community development…his powers are for the welfare of the people.

On the kingly path, one needs a positive mind. Optimistic people make good kings. They inspire, inform and involve other kings in their projects to build a better world. They are optimistic about the results of their endeavours. And they trust fellow players. Just to remind you, optimistic people deliver optimum results. And optimum results are from creative and intuitive minds. You will reach this level to deliver working ideas and bring about new innovation and inventions if you keep a positive mind. Positive minds are creators and masters of their destinies. Therefore, the king’s record will depend on what he has delivered in the period of his reign – your life. Just keep the bright side of the picture.

You, the king crown right from the day of your conception. Strive to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Become a purpose-driven person by thinking of what positive difference you can make to leave the world a better place. Live, ‘a king size’ life, and inspire others to do so. Soon, we will have six billion kings. What a difference they’ll be – what a difference, they’ll make!

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Writer Profile

Mike Ssegawa
A Journalist with Daily Monitor, Uganda. I have a passion for development, especially for the youth.
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