by alvin
Published on: Jan 25, 2005
Type: Poetry

What is it that makes liquid run in the body?
It is a force that made me think at conception
What is it that makes me move and not fall?
It is that act of nature so strong within

Why do we not look at the eyes before we speak?
Are we afraid to see what they must say?
What makes us so weak and yet stronger at all times
It is that which at all times we comprehend not

What is it that drives us to do the things we do?
Is it the weakness of those around us?
Little time is spent to see that which is concealed
We take a little from the bounty

Why must some things be told over and over?
Like no one ever gave a damn
It sometimes appears that we all stand before a mirror
Little do I wonder if, we do not see the person staring back at us?

Why do some words have to be too strong to be said
That which we fear may raise our stars
To the many that are no more
A thousand tears I shed for thou.

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