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"Youth Empowerment" Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Abdallah Sobeih, Egypt Jan 22, 2005
Human Rights , Culture   Opinions


In a few simple words, this means that the youth equals hope.


• Empower youth to dream and have visions of positive changes in their communities where every individual has equal access to the resources to achieve the best of their full potential.
• Empower youth to take charge and address the problems that are being faced by their communities by taking up innovative and collaborative action.
• Empower youth to think and act collaboratively to build societies based on the trust, partnerships and accountability.
• Empower youth to get involved in policy making and decision making that affects their present and future.

Although the majority of the residents of the Earth are young people they look as though they are minorities.

We observed that young people today have difficulties in cooperating with the state institutions;

Their voice is not heard;

They can't find themselves in the decision-making process;

They can't find organizations or institutions to give them space for freedom of expression, the freedom as human. Most of the youth only hear about Human Rights and Freedom of Expression but they don't know what it is exactly.

All of these are making young people suffer in their self-esteem, their sense of belonging, and in their self-confidence, resulting often in feeling alienated and assimilated.

Youth are looking forward to find active youth organizations, active policy institutions, and innovative youth work.

We are here, today, representing young people to tell you; we are not part of the problem, we are the solution, we are not useless, we are used less, we are not careless, we cared less.

All in all, what youth need is enough space to participate and for freedom of expression.

Thank you.

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Abdallah Sobeih

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Mamdouh Osama | Dec 22nd, 2008
So dont loes hope!! youth must empower eachother, and work for the best of thier future

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