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Creepiness in my brain! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Alligator, Egypt Jan 14, 2005
Health   Poetry


I feel like something new, although I felt like this before
Restless, hyper
I am not sure of anything, only "my feelings", all I'm sure about till now!
I wanted to kiss, or even to touch you
Am losing my mind!! Too much in every second; I think about you.
It’s the ecstasy reached to my brain and spread like a golden dust into the air
Any more…..I'm not obsessed
Much more…..I'm over-maniac
I might be dreaming as it happened before, I might be also wrong about my vibes
It's just unpredictable
The back of my head prickling!
I am not so high but sure, I am unconscious
I am just swimming in my bed and walking on the sky
This moment will come I will see this exquisite masterpiece self again
I shall embrace it, kiss it and give it all I held
Please, whoever you are, don't let it be fake
Let me be right for the first time in my life
Let me just have it
Let me be right
Now all my feelings are pretty strange to me because it's started to be shaped
It's started to be real
It’s serious this time
I am scared; I think I'm in love!!



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Writer Profile

To me, writing poems is like when I need to scream and get everything out of me!
It's food for my soul!
It's like the crying of a child asking for his toy!
It's like the most beautiful view on earth!

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs2.5 License.

melanie mae | Feb 3rd, 2005
i admire your writing

enat | Feb 7th, 2005
you are good, and i think you know that ,,, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milva | Feb 20th, 2005
Woow... I very like your poetry... You are really good... But tell me , please....who is this girl...who you still miss...still dream...?

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