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The vibrations Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Harry Munyaradzi Mwenda, Zambia Jan 9, 2005
Human Rights   Short Stories


It was time in the opposite of time yet again, a moment of truth, and a reflection of two paths.

I had been rubbing my version of truth.

Someone had initiated the communication cycle of life and now it was all up to me to take up an invitation from a stranger.

I guess in life, friends exchange lines to make and maintain a level of communication which they create willfully, but here I was a stranger somewhere on this planet communicating and every each moment of the way through life’s vibration willing to maintain the cycle with another stranger who also rubbed me in a special cyber way giving me a moment of truth.

Strange vibrations indeed, at times I must say it gave back to me vibrations which you would never get from someone you really know so closely.

The vibration had started its transition, making everything worthwhile as it was time for me to meet that stranger.

Funny how even when we were total strangers it felt right. I took a chance of trust in a stranger and learnt that the stranger is in all of us, but that the biggest difference with all off us was if and when we decided to do justice to our inner stranger.
The two versions of truth now had to clash and reality was to unfold. As I flipped blindly in thought knowing it was time to face the level truth shared earlier.

I was suddenly interrupted by the sight of a young lady, I knew it was her, the stranger had arrived in the flesh, a living beauty.

To those that are reading this the most important thing I wanted to say was that we must stay true to the identities we give in our profiles because one day you will have to leave through that profile.

As for me and the stranger the vibrations live on! And in the end we are no strangers. The truth is paying off.

The vibrations continue!



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Writer Profile
Harry Munyaradzi Mwenda

I write my work out of what goes on around me .Directing my energy and emotions in to a positive.

Through everyones struggle they is a light moment.And i share a piece from every encounter high or low cause they are all energies that shape my path.

the vibrations
Sandra Musonda | Jan 13th, 2005
hmmmmmmmm!!! funny enough when i read this i knew it was about me!!! it's our little secret but a true reflection..let's keep on keeping!!!

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