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War And Technology Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Nischal, Nepal Jan 6, 2005
Technology , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


Mankind, the most civilized creature of the world, is at the peak of his technological development. Those things people used to dream about and hear only in fairy tales have now become real.

Technology has changed the perception of the human race. Computers have redefined not only the information but each field we can conceivably imagine. Take for example; people have begun using computer technology even in washing machines these days. It can thus be said that computer technology has become an inseparable part from the human civilization. Technology has added comfort to our lives, from birth to death.

Meanwhile, the good story of such development has also brought with it the negative aspect whereby evil minds have benefited profusely. The disaster in Hiroshima is one of the black eclipses in the technology’s glorious history. The Nuclear energy developed as an alternative source of energy has been misdirected towards the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). Rockets, which were supposed to be the tools for space exploration, have been extensively used for hitting the targets airborne with WMD. Today billions of dollars, which can feed every individual of the world, is being spent for the undeclared race of nuclear weapons. This clearly shows that technology itself is not good or bad but the hand that uses it will decide good or evil.

In retrospect, history reveals that such technological revolution took place after World War II (WWII). It is undeniable that the amenities that we have been enjoying these days are more or less the gift of that War. The invention of technology is always done for a noble reason; however it consequently gets developed for the destruction of ones race. War, the word itself is undesirable but from the development point of view, history witnesses say that war is essential for technological development.

When the warfare history is explored from the technological point of view, we come across several examples which prove the above statement. Rockets were developed by Nazis and for the intercontinental attack. Airplane’s supersonic age is the gift of WWII. The necessity of an air attack in defense has forced engineers to high-speed aircraft, which can carry tons of bombs while airborne. NORAD, a joint station of the USA and Canada under a granite hill, can detect a missile up to the size of a knot launched from any corner of the globe. It is said that NORAD can resist even q Hydrogen bomb. NORAD can detect the threat of the missile to the USA and Canada and launch a ballistic missile within four minutes to destroy the missile.

Radar technology is at the peak because of its development during WWII. Radar was developed to detect and destroy the fast developing airplanes. Radiation Laboratory set by USA in World War II employed hundreds of engineers, 24 hours a day and developed surprisingly, 120 designs of Radar in just four years. Internet, which has emerged as the backbone of the world economy evolved in the laboratory of the United States army. Global Positioning System (GPS), which can detect it’s receiver by satellite signals, with an accuracy of one meter, was developed by US army. It is said that every US soldier has a GPS receiver in his helmet.

Technology has also played a role in political situations. The third Reich was in its victorious journey of the USSR with the help of their advanced tanks but Russia on the other hand has secretly made even more advanced tanks to outsmart the German tanks.

This forced the Nazis to withdraw from Russia. In yet another story, the Nazis had almost starved Britain by destroying their ships carrying food with the help of radar equipped submarines. Fortunately, the English scientists developed a more advanced radar, which helped them destroy the submarines and win the war. We can, thus, say Nazi lost the technological race thus lost the war itself.

Development needs investment. It is fact that today’s nations are spending more on defense than on anything else, so it is quite obvious that the development will also accelerate in the defense sector. However, it takes decades for the civil society to use the technology which is developed by spending the taxes they pay to their government. The defense budget of the United States can feed the entire world population who are dying of starvation every day. But in the name of security, people are spending trillions of dollars to kill and destroy, which could be used to save lives. Theoretically, this means that they are killing twice the people being killed by bombs. Whatever be the reason to justify their evil, whether its self defense, religion, or racial war to kill people, it is neither sacrosanct nor can it be justified for any reason.



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Writer Profile

Name: Nischal Dahal
Profession: Computer Professional.

I have a strong desire to use the ICT in the development of countries. These countries have tremendous potentials but are in hand of those people who are not aware of the power of technology to accelerate their country like a rocket in the path of development. I believe if technology is used in right way the poverty can be easily be eliminated.

I am a strongly against reservation of seats of backward communities in higher education because i believe the schooling must be free to those people and the government should make sure that everybody gets basic education. Then everybody should have right to compete for higher education. If the higher education is taken as granted then the a handful of people will enjoy the benefit and grass root level remains in same level

Veronika Jegailova | Feb 26th, 2012
Technology plays and important role in our lives today. And of course it has negative consequences. During the war people just had to come up with new inventions. It is a really negative aspect that people kill each other and governments do not care much about other nations. People die from starvation everyday and it is not the fault of innovations in technology. I agree with your position - "Whatever be the reason to justify their evil, whether its self defense, religion, or racial war to kill people, it is neither sacrosanct nor can it be justified for any reason."

Peter Hamak | Oct 16th, 2011
I find your article intriguing, and very true. In a lack of a better quote, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Having a full view from both sides of the wire gives a much fuller perspective to the prospect of war and it's affects on our world; from microeconomics, to macroeconomics. If you ever create another article on this topic, I'd very much like a link to it.

jenly | Jan 13th, 2011
it was a very nice article that made me inspire. I agree with that if technology will be used properly poverty will be early eliminated

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