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by gini odinukwe, Nigeria Dec 28, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Dames are very interesting and special
Really I do like to be around plenty
To feel their sorrow and share their pleasure
To give to them what they expect from the men

In the mornings we all wake and say thanks to the Highest
We all move around and see people alike
I think of the ways to make you mine
Like a trip to the waters
As a wish is made while I fish

If I could sing a thousand songs, every word
Will remind me of you,
Of lady so faire and hail
In my awe I think of a way
A way to make me think of none other
But they are all around me, that I have to try to please them all, but the best of the dames our choice we make
For there is none so high like thee

What makes you as sweet as you are?
When you look at me my eyes look at me
And say, man what are you waiting for
Steal her and take her far and wide
To a place of tales of old
Where it shall be of you and I
A dinner of two on the oyster shell

Not that I am too greedy to think so
To take you away from the world
For mine:
Is just a thought of a lady so faire and bright
That leads the hearts to there fill

If I had a wish to make,
I wish it be a need
For wishes are just but three
And I bet for three times and over I wish
To be with you forever
Ever to see and gaze at your face
To get to warm you in the cold
Lest the cold with its eyes of envy
Try to take you from me

Love to seat by your side and listen to your mind as it rings
Of things that the trees will love to hear
On and on as if in a ride
Feel your breadth as we hold on tight
And like a baby's dream, always in her mothers hand
And her breast to nourish his life
So I will hold on tight to all that make you firm



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Writer Profile
gini odinukwe

I am a high school gradute and with a passion for writing, and i feel strong that in writing i find peace and a very good way that is simple yet elusive to express my feeling, i like to write about passion, friendship, journeys, nature, and events. I seek to develop this talent of mine.
And share it with the world, for there is some good in this world, and if by writing we can bring it all out, then i am as a bic to the use.
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