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A lesson from "those" people Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by zuvelu, India Dec 25, 2004
Human Rights   Opinions


Continuing to gaze outside as we waited for our turn to get by in the busy junction, I decided to closely observe the four roadside workers hammering away heaps of stones. Slow and tedious work. In their old and dirty clothes that they seemed to be oblivious to, smiled and chattered unbothered as their work progressed grudgingly. Realizing that she hurt herself, one of the young girls looked around and picked up an old candy wrapper strewed on the street to clean her wound. Eyes wide shut! This is the world we live in. “Those” people have become too familiar a sight for us to notice anymore.
The lady sitting in the next sleek car was dressed impeccably. I saw gold in different shapes and sizes dripping till the surface I could see. The contrast was arresting.
As we continued on, questions after another cropped up. Where is fairness and justice here? Do they even know that there is such a word as “justice”? How can they stay so strong bearing the brunt of their fate? The reality of it all is the depiction, the depravity of human beings. It left me sad and helpless.
Difficult as it is to grasp, I settled on the belief that differences like this exist so that we may learn to be grateful. “Illogical,” you may say. But if there aren’t poor people in this world, how will we ever learn to be thankful for the things we take for granted. The everyday mundane things. Roofs over our heads. This little scene left me with an important lesson to learn.
As for the poor, who will be their voice? How do I justify their state? We will never know why so much poverty and depravity permeates. How would one explain God’s love in all this? If you believe in one.

Maybe we are created to be connected in an unconscious way. Maybe the happy and stress free look that I saw in the faces of the worker that day is in exchange for the worldly materials that they are deprived of. To make sense in that, aren’t we all looking for happiness in our lives? The end and means of us pursuing after wealth, money and whatever earthly possessions we sought after is in hope to make ourselves happy. They have what most of us are pursuing after, for change. Maybe there’s a secret here that we need to discover for ourselves, when we drop our guards and for once deprecate the hypocrisy of social stratum. Discover and embrace the joy of brotherhood. We are after all the same, with the same basic needs and emotions. All human beings, no one superior and no one inferior.



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