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Technology and Me Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mona Lisa, United States Dec 17, 2004
Technology   Poetry


I wake up –
Startled by the alarm clock’s shrill cries,

Knocking onto the doors of my



Dream-filled consciousness –

Forcing me into a sluggish stupor,

And eventually into a wide-eyed wakefulness

For the rest of the day.

I go to the kitchen,

Fix myself a toast and microwave

Some eggs and a cappuccino.

I turn on the TV,

Check out

The latest satellite-derived weather forecast,

And catch up

With local, national, and international news.

Before rushing out the door,

I turn on the security alarm home system, and

Out I go,

Ready to face another workday

With the same complacency

And certainty one feels

When one’s life is mapped out

With the predictability and routine

Of modern technology.

On the way to work,

I encounter an accident downtown,

Spurring me to whip out my cell phone

And inform the office that I will be

Late for the morning meeting.

Hours later,

My day at work is spent,

As usual,

At my desk,

Researching and editing with the help

Of the Internet and word processor,

And later on,

Videoconferencing with other colleagues

In Paris and London.

I look at my wristwatch.

It is five o’clock, and,

Glad the workday is over,

Tiredly drive back home

Where I turn off the alarm system,

Heat up a can of soup

On the electric stove,

And watch Jeopardy on TV.

After, I decide to catch up on

My e-mail and correspond with family

And friends through instant messaging

Around the globe.

I decide to relax a bit with a CD by Mozart.

Later, at bedtime, I put on the radio,

As always,

And set the classical music station

To play for half an hour –

About the time it takes

For me to fall asleep.

Part Two

…..Yawn – I wake up after

What seems to be days……

The intense bright rays of the sun, waking

Me up, prompt me to grope at the nightstand for my alarm clock.

Strange - it’s not working!

The digital clock displays a blinking 12:00 a.m.

Holding my battery-run wristwatch up to my myopic eyes,

I read the time as 8:40 a.m.

I gasp in panic,

Realizing I only have twenty minutes left

To shower,

Dress up,

Eat breakfast,

And make that twenty minute commute into

A five minute Grand Prix expedition.

I shower quickly, dress into my shirt, blazer and skirt,

And frantically comb my hair and apply lipstick on my

Way to the kitchen.

I try to reheat some coffee and a leftover donut in the

Microwave, only to encounter the red, impersonal, digital time display

Innocently blinking at me.

“!@#$%&* this power outage!” I think in despair, as I

Run out the door,

Briefcase and purse in hand.

I get in the car, speed down the neighborhood, and decide to

Inform my office of my delay –

No doubt they will understand –

Maybe this power outage was in the neighborhood

And not only at my house….

... “What?!” I cry in disbelief.

The cell phone is not working:

The dead, gray blank screen reflecting my outraged face.

But the worse is yet to come –

Two blocks ahead, the traffic light is down,

Causing major disarray, mayhem, and confusion.

And that is not the only light down either.

In the city of New York all the roads are one big mess of tangled

Cars angrily honking at each other.

Suddenly, a car sneakily cuts in front of me.

Furious by now, I pound away at my car’s horn.

I drive across an intersection testily, stoplights still awry,

And next thing I know,




Darkness all over.

Thick as a cloudless, moonless night,

The blackest china ink,

The deepest well….


Part Three

“What the…?!”

I wake up startled, my heart pounding hard in my chest.

I automatically turn my head to my nightstand.

The time says 8:30 a.m. on my (functioning) digital alarm clock.

Anxiously I turn on the TV for news of the outage.

What happened?

And when?

The TV anchor delivers the news in his usual

Deliberate and professional manner……

But no news of a power outage,

Neither in New York City, statewide, or nationwide.

Was it just a dream then?

Shaking like a leaf, my sense of reality tested,

I laugh deliriously.

That dream was too surreal, yet vivid and real

At the same time.

I suddenly stop and muse on this thing called


- A backbone of society, industrialization, progress, and culture.

Modern man’s blessing and curse!



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Writer Profile
Mona Lisa

Greetings! My name is Mona Lisa. I'm a Filipina who was born and raised in Rome, Italy, and educated in American, international schools. I just recently discovered the joy and pleasure of writing and composing poetry and thinking up of story plots, characterization, etc. for both children's and adult stories...just haven't finished these yet! So for now, I'm sticking to poetry!
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