by Karim Al Nadoury
Published on: Dec 17, 2004
Type: Poetry

maybe because I am looking to fulfill my desires
or I am already fulfilled with my desires
they just demanding so much, i can't make me fulfilled or even satisfied with what i have
i ask myself too much and yet i can't achieve the first task which is setting my priories
blocking me from what i have to make,
blocking me from what i have to achieve,
fantasy and dreams become a real life indeed.
however, whenever, whatever ,,,, used to this crossing vibes
shortly, some task will knock on my door and say, how do u do, sir?
frosted, blocked or even careless!!
they are all the same
mixed with joy, pain, silly thoughts or feelings i can't even differentiate
with this or that or the tow or the three or even the ten, all is "plain"
am i getting crazy??? if yes!! well its just another lifestyle, it's okay!!
PS. i have to be honest "you are crazy!!"

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