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Lies Beneath Lies - Why? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Carol212, United States Dec 1, 2004
Health , Poverty , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


The dishonesty of one person causes an enormous emptiness in my heart.
That one person who I considered to be truthful and faithful to me has failed me. Why?
Once again I find myself in a dark deep hole that is so difficult to escape from. And I ask myself what the hell?

Damn! Am I so stupid for believing in that person?
People are constantly lying I don’t understand;
Why do people tend to wear masks and hide behind them?

People don’t reveal their true selves. The one person who I imagined to be real was so phony, so untruthful and deceiving. That caught me by surprise. I didn’t even think he would be capable of hurting me in the way that he was. What have I done to deserve this?

I feel right this moment like everything is pointless!
As we lived together, the sweet moments of loving and tenderness are meaningless stupid moments that made me feel that I was somewhat falling deeply in love.
But it was just a dream that turned into a nightmare. In my dreams I’m happy and what I’m feeling today is just betrayal by him and others around us.

I trust no one but myself. I have so many questions but no clue how to answer them.
Should I agree with the fact that men are dogs because it is in their nature? Is that really nonsense?

Should I give up on love?

Mostly I keep on believing that the one person made for me is out there somewhere waiting for me to find him.

Why lie about your self? Why not say what you feel?
Why not have the capabilities to see when a love is real?
Why feel like my tears and sorrows are way too much to handle?
Why do I wish everything would go away when I blow out my candles?
I need answers, I need guidance and I need to know why.



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Writer Profile

Carolina Montero
23 year old Student soon 2 finish college (Business Administration) Raised in NYC originally from Dominican Republic.
I have a very unique style of writhing I write as if I was rhyming or singing. I do curse sometimes,lol doing so I want 2 be Truly FREE !!
I believe is necessary 2 stay strong and With Dreams of Empowerment.
I consider my self a soldier at war in this crazy life.
Is important for me to share my voice by expressing my views on different issues as well as spreading the love I can throughout my words.


Yaa Its true, but only for you
Akbur (Solil) | Dec 14th, 2004
Perception may became totally different after opening yourself to him. Be easy not all around you are bad, judge them deeply and find only the good in them not the bad. You will feel exceptionally good. Yet the “Lies Beneath Lies” is strong in expression.

Afeez Adeyemi Adisa | Dec 15th, 2004
I personally share ur thoughts and I even share ur feelings. Sure love could be dangerous but also it's precious cos it's a beautifier. Without it, life is a ship without a rudder, life is like a body without a soul. Though it's not easy to detect cos it's highly invisible, unmeasurable and though more formidable. Love does not begin the way we think cos it's a battle, a war and it's growing up. At times it may go wrong, we still need to be focused. Not everyone is a cheat. You can still find the one you love!

morjani nisreen | Dec 15th, 2004
i think that's what everyone can feel after such experience.. but personnally i guess that's musn't change any thing in our personnality or our way to thinking about..as much as it must guide us to have right way most of times... try to choose the right path every time ..i know it's hard to choose but at least try to choose!!

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