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Gone! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Samuel, United Kingdom Nov 24, 2004
Human Rights   Poetry


She did her best to bring him up right
Struggling day by day to give him the best
She thought him to be a gentleman
To be a decent member of the society
She taught him how to say thank you
To hold the door open for the ladies
She taught him all the basic rules
She showed him how to live right.

Now she stands and looks on
Trying to place the pieces together
Where did the journey go wrong
When did things get bad.
She wasn’t there but she saw it all
The police had them surrounded
The shots rang out and she braced herself
As she saw them all fall to the ground.

Now he lies there in silent peace
No words to comfort her soul
She taught him everything she knew
“How to not be Black”

Dedicated to those who have fallen to racism!



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Writer Profile

I'm 26 years old.
And this is my creed.
My voice is a tool in destiny's toolbox.
My words are the ammo of providence's slingshot.
My thoughts are the paths in fate's journey,
My intentions projections of success divine.
I write because I choose to speak
of the things the cause the world to spin.
I write because I can
and i believe my words will someday make an impact.
I'm not an agent of change as some many conclude or think.
I'm just the wind that blows and spreads the forest fire.
Join me and together we can walk to destiny's dream.

Love to all
I'm not a poet
I'm just me
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