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by NESTA, Dominica Nov 19, 2004
Human Rights   Poetry


How can she say, “I don’t love you?”
She doesn’t know what I’ve been through,
Without your love, my heart’s in a maze,
Searching with no end in sight
For a love I know is right,
My love I freely give to you
A love that is sacred, a love that is true.

How can your mom say, “I don’t love you?”
When she knows not how much I would do for you,
Knows not how much more you could do for me,
Why won’t she just let our love be?
From the date, 14th of February 2003
I pledged my love to you,
I hope you will someday pledge yours to me.

How can your dad say, “I don’t love you?”
From my heart I know it isn’t true,
The moments passed longing for you,
Spent with only thoughts of you,
Gazing through my window,
Hoping to see you walking my way
These minutes passed, feeling like days.

How can you say, “I don’t love you?”
When you are who I live for,
Who I dream of nightly,
My love hasn’t wavered
Not even slightly,
Thoughts of you keep me smiling,
Thoughts of you keep me yearning.

Thoughts of you get me wishing,
That you felt this way about me too.
And this question I often ask of me,
How can a girl I love so much not love me?



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Writer Profile

I speak both French and English, You should hear my French accent, and it’s pretty good!

I'm a cool person that’s down to earth; as long as you can hold a good conversation, and then I’ll have no problems with you, even if we disagree on everything, because I never ever enjoyed a conversation with someone who agreed with everything I say.

I am a very serious, strong willed person so when you coming at me come well but I can still appreciate a good joke.

I love to engage in positive activities and spend a lot of my time in youth groups, organizations and volunteering for the good causes.

You can visit my poetry blog at: http://jetzzzpoeticexpressions.blogspot.com

Life issues in love
Judith Bosire | Jan 12th, 2005
Matters like love are sacredly guarded because they touch the core aspect of humanity, life. this poem explicitly broadcast what our hearts keep secret, the truth that lies within. This is a wonderful thoughful peace of writing. It is like written from deep within rather than fiction.Keep posting us more of these.

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