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Little Mind Series Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by penelope, Uganda Nov 5, 2004
Child & Youth Rights , Poverty   Poetry


Little mind asking
Oh mother,
Where are you?
Oh mother,
Where am I?
Oh mother,
What is this?
Oh mother,
How did I get here?
When can I leave?
I never wanted to be here.

Little mind: adapting
Am not here because I want, but circumstances left me no option
I sleep on the cold hard cement
And eat with the stray dogs
My supper is the city rubbish
Clothes are a luxury because
My rugs are my wardrobe
Father! Mother! What is that?
I am my own parent.

Little mind: rescued.
Look at me....now
I am living like a king!
I have food, clothing, and shelter but above all
I have good health, hope and love.
It all came from God when the good lady took me to her home
I have a parent now...I do not have to look after myself
Isn’t that Grand?



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Writer Profile

Am very passinate about people in general esp children who i feel more than anybody else deserve the best there is on this earth-to be taken care of and nourished in every way.my greatest concern and fear is that of street children because they have so little to hope for and yet the world is supposed to be at their feet,just like other children.all in all i love kids and am hurt when i see one suffer..lets join effort to stir our future positively.
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