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If I were in a position of authority Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by 'Yemisi , Finland Nov 3, 2004
Human Rights   Poetry


If I were in a position of authority
I would:
- Always remember that if it were not for the electorate I would not be there
- Remember people voted me into office because they believed in my manifesto and trusted that I could deliver
- Be strategic in identifying the needs of my people, thereby positioning myself to delivering customized interventions that will help
- Strive to implement projects that will alleviate, if possible eradicate the sufferings of my people
- Seek to improve their lifestyle and give them a better means of livelihood
- Remember that life is in phases and every stage needs to be accounted for judiciously
- Not want to betray the trust of the people that voted me into power
- Strive to leave a positive lasting impression about my tenure
- Remember that my being where I am, is not an opportunity for personal gratification and wealth accumulation (usually at the detriment of the populace) but an opportunity to serve – an opportunity to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the electorate and the sands of time
If only I was in a position of authority
If only…



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Writer Profile

Hello there! I'm Yemisi, a Nigerian female with a passion for developmental initiatives.

I love writing because it's a way of adding value to other people's lives, i.e. sharing. We all are who we are today just because sometime in our lives we had opportunities to read what someone else had written.

I like advocating for the voiceless, especially the less-privileged ones. I love programs that focus on children, teens, youths and women. I also believe that we all can live lives worthy of emulation (by generations yet unborn) if we contribute positively - by putting in our best in whatever we are involved in.

My first degree is in Economics and I also have a Masters in Humanitarian & Refugee Studies. I'm currently in University of Jyväskylä, Finland studying for a Masters in Development and International Cooperation.

I'm interested in issues relating to children, youth and women empowerment, especially in developing countries like Nigeria.

I have authored 3 books titled - "Child Development: Whose Role", "Let's Help Nigeria", and "Charisma and Character".

I am a facilitator, trainer, business advisor/consultant and a motivational speaker. My goal is to contribute to socio-political and economic development through skills transfer, knowledge sharing, networking and policy advocacy.

Thanks to TIG for giving me a unique platform to share with and meet new friends!
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