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What I Would Like to Tell the World About Russia (Special prize from Microsoft Russia) Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Nikita Kurkov, Russia Nov 3, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Opinions


What I Would Like to Tell the World About Russia (Special prize from Microsoft Russia) Russia.. What is it for me, a sixteen-year old student of the 11th grade of a Russian secondary school from a small Siberian town? Many Russians say that Russia for them means fields, woods, and blue rivers. I also like Russian natural wonders but I'm really thrilled about the wonders of computer land.
The computer has come to Russia from overseas and started to penetrate our life step by step. Recently we celebrated a decade of a ru-zone in the World Wide Web. For me it's a great holiday. I celebrated it with the Internet friends of mine as I consider myself to be a web-designer. If it is possible to say so, it’s my cup of tea.
Five years ago none of my friends had a computer, there were no computers at schools, there were no Internet cafes. Nothing. Now I can make programs on Java Script Pascal, Basic and HTML, to work with graphics and animation. It is my dream to enter the State Technical University in Novosibirsk and to become a real programmer like Aleksandr Lebedev for example. Everyone knows about Yandex search system made in Russia in Aleksandr Lebedev's studio. Also they designed an Olympic games site, made up show-windows for the best Internet shops in the world, trade marks and sites for the most successful business companies. Yandex system is very convenient, as it works in two modes: ru and eng. Excellent design, fast loading, good mail-service, shops, news which are updated every seven minutes, and no heap of structures made it a household name.
Russia and a programmer are synonyms. The best programmers of Microsoft are Russian. At the international computing contests Russian youth are at the top of the pedestal. These young people come from St. Petersburg and Moscow. Unfortunately, I don't live in one of the largest cities of Russia. Here, in Siberia many things are problematic. Low salaries and absence of information kill the initiative. Provincial teenagers have much less possibilities compared to urban youth, especially if you have reached a certain level. On the other hand, if I become a good programmer where would I work? Should I go abroad or work for my countrymen for nothing? The standards of living are much higher in Europe than they are in my country. Now a lot is being done to integrate Russia in the world economy. The computerization of schools has been completed already and there are transformations in the system of education. I hope soon the world is going to learn what Russian programmers are capable of..
Nowadays Russian programs often terrify the world. You're quite right. Hackers, computer hooligans. They know many languages and how systems work. Yes, they produce weapons and they are similar to terrorists. Their weapon is the Internet, the modem and a powerful computer. Who are these people? They are ordinary people. They wear modern and comfortable clothes. They don't rebel against parents and teachers. But they live a virtual life, have very powerful nicks such as Worm and Pengo and they complicate other peoples' lives by creating viruses. It has taken place in February when 500 000 computers were attacked and became dysfunctional. According to the experts, the traces lead to Russia. In the nearest future we can expect the attacks of MYDoom/Novarg second version. Their dream is to destroy the Microsoft's site. I have read about it in the school newspaper "Computer Science". What can the world do to use the brains and ideas of Russian hackers to benefit the world community?



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