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by yufanyi Akembom Bernard, Cameroon Jul 9, 2002
Technology , Educational Technology , Digital Divide   Opinions


The world of Today is growing very fast with the development of technology. In this prospect some parts of the world have remained completely out of this technology development due to the negligence of leaders and to a greater point the educated youths. At this era of the new millennium youths of Africa have up get up and help those other African youths to have access to these technology developments.

I hereby call on all youths around the world to stand up and help the younger population by providing the necessary technology skills. Look at my case; I am a Cameroonian ,who has been operating in cyber café’s for the past one year after all this period of time I have realized that 60% of the Cameroonian population do not have access to computer technology nor have any knowledge about it. About 75% do not know about the internet, and even when they do know it is usually difficult for them to approach cyber café’s. Some of us who have an idea about the technology tend to tell the other youths the advantages of the internet and having computer knowledge in a dramatic way so that they get discouraged.. So what I have been doing is taking a statistical approach which will help me develop a strategy to help the youths around here and (hopefully) all over the world get use to developing technology so that it should not look mystical to them.

So I hope this will inspire youths to do the same in different related fields, so that together we make a better world for our offspring’s and help the young population in the world not to see any thing as a mystery. We can do that if youths of the world come together towards an objective and I thank TIG for the job they have been doing for the past few years with the help of other youths.



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yufanyi Akembom Bernard

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I agree 100%
Helen Tantoh | Jul 21st, 2002
Like u said, most africans view technology, especially when it comes to computers as something "mystical." Their aloof attitudes, toward technology tends to discourage those who have the slightest bit of interest in it, and also doesn't encourage those who are unaware of it, to be interested.

Very true
Nancy | Nov 5th, 2003
The article that was written was very interesting and creative. I agree to what you said about sharing it with the other people that don't have access to technology. Now there are so many objects in the world that were created by technology like television, Internet, or video games. In my opinion, I think that technology is everything digital. Everyone is talking about what they saw on TV or what new games they bought. People that have access to the Internet get to research when projects come. I think that everyone should have access to technology if it is available in his or her area. (If they want to) I remember the time when I fist got Internet. It wasn't that long ago and I have wanted to get it several years since everyone has it. Now there are so many digital organisations and industries. I would encourage and give interest to people to get involved with technology. Technology plays an important part in life because you can get up to date on news, weather, and you might need it in the future. There are so many updates occurring like high speed Internet and you can not only talk with the people in your city, but with people all over the world that have internet. Everything has its own cause of being invented and is very useful. Technology is not limited until you have reached that part where some information is not discovered yet. Yufanyi's writing is very unique and independent.

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