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Questions and Stereotypes Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Salisu, Nigeria Oct 28, 2004
Peace & Conflict , Human Rights   Poetry


I tried to live by the norms and was labeled Conformist

So I tried something else, and earned the tag Radical

And then I tried to be both but was called Unstable

I therefore tried to articulate myself, only to be slapped Misleading

When I insisted on explaining, I was stamped Controversial

Finally, I opted to do what I believed in, but was branded Fundamentalist

And because I was somewhat confused, I was named Intolerant

For slowing down to figure the conundrum, I was declared Un-ambitious

I then woke up with a determination that was too Aggressive

Fighting the injustice of illegal occupation, I became an Insurgent

From the prism of so many prisons, I dismissed all as Unacceptable

And so to kill me, they call me Terrorist

Did the bunker-busters bury the bonds of brotherhood?

Interred infinitely in hell holes of hatred?

And liberty blinded, chained to the anchors of a brooding Bay?

So why can my view not be mine, and my cries not heard?

Why can I not simply be me, without a Babel of labels?

Or does my complexion cloud the color of my character?

Does my location limit the lengths my liberty?

Does the spirit of my conviction shackle my soul?

Does my gender maim the mine of my mind?

And is my life worth living?



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