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Chantpleur Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Shireen, Malaysia Oct 27, 2004
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


a word that envelopes pain in happiness,
and immerses joy in tears
how could one comprehend it to be
that anyone is able to hold both of these
within one heart in peace

how can someone cry and sing
at the same time.
how does one hold joy and pain
wouldn't it be insane?
to contain both, so different
in any one moment
ah, it is an exquisite art.

I am not even close to mastering it
honey, i dare not even try
and when I do, its too hard
that I just want to cry
but for your sake,
i do, as hard as I can, try

our lives feel so complete
when we are together
even when there are miles and miles
of land, hills and ocean
of tree, water and sand
elements of the universe in between

We'll plan for when we will meet,
crying and singing
for expression and passion.
We'll mourn the distance
and we'll celebrate the togetherness.

We'll tear when reminded
of how close we were
so close I felt your breath on my face
traces of your lips, the warmth of your hand
and laugh thinking of
us in each others arms again

We'll cry for what we miss.
And we'll sing for what we have still
for what we have is sealed
in a place no one can reach
now or ever, always....



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Writer Profile

Being an Indian living in Malaysia, I am proud of the culture that envelops me. There is so much in me that reflects a different art of living and the fundamentals of just being caught up in moments.
I am grateful to God, to the universe, to my parents, grandparents and family for preserving the traditions in me. With a world racing to be modern and sophisticated, simplicity and culture is a fading treasure, eroding with the birth of new-found philosophy.
I do not believe I am any of the better writers. There are so many more talented people around me that I admire and I aspire to learn a lesson or two. I write, simply, so that the universe that inspires me will be better appreciated. I write so that the unique culture, values and rich tradition that I have inherited will at its very least be known to you.
We are all here for fleeting moments and there is so much to be done in such a short time. Too much to see, too many people to love.
I thank you for flipping through this page and taking the time to look at my poem. If it touched you in anyway, I am grateful in more ways than you can imagine.... Thank you everyone and I wish you well.
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