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The Sound of Silence Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Dereje Amera, Ethiopia Oct 25, 2004
Health   Poetry


When one is a sleep, one never talks
One never hears, and never eats
But, there is world inside one’s being
Which is moving, and going active

Sleeping in bed, with no voice
One is going to the whole-place
Shopping, walking and taking a tour
Who is talking without tongue?
Who is hearing without ear?

What a world of mystic life
In such a death, one has life
In passive mood, one is active
In a single room, one crosses the world
In a minute, one sees too many years

Such is silence, which gives a chance
Having a big-world so deep inside
Fixing things—what one missed in real-time
Bringing to an end—what one begins in real-life.



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Writer Profile
Dereje Amera

Writing is a powerful instrument to promote one's ideology, so as to transform and galvanize the whole of humanity to have a better perspective about this world.

Words are just combinations of letters, but the power they exert in every human frame is still a mystery to all.

Writing uses these mysterious forces of words as a tool to introduce, induce and create vibrations in society, which do have an influence on every aspect of our life as human beings.

May the power of WORDS prevail over all!!
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