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You're away.... Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Shireen, Malaysia Oct 18, 2004
Health   Poetry


I lay awake and its past midnight
And its hurts that I’m not there with you
To hold you close, to hug you tight
To watch you sleep, to turn off the light,
Cause I’d like very much right now
To be the one to kiss you goodnight,

I'd like to be there
To read a little, maybe but no TV,
Or sit and talk over a drink,
But I know you know
It is you I love, and of you I think.

If you were here, I’d give you a kiss,
And never part you from my lips
For I wish now from across the miles
I'd given you many more kisses than I did

So though, happy thoughts and much love
And countless letters and many little notes
Are sent your way today and everyday
I still hope and to God I do pray....

For nothing compares to the day
I'll be in your arms once again
Cheers till that day then
And to every minute and every second
Between now and then...



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Writer Profile

Being an Indian living in Malaysia, I am proud of the culture that envelops me. There is so much in me that reflects a different art of living and the fundamentals of just being caught up in moments.
I am grateful to God, to the universe, to my parents, grandparents and family for preserving the traditions in me. With a world racing to be modern and sophisticated, simplicity and culture is a fading treasure, eroding with the birth of new-found philosophy.
I do not believe I am any of the better writers. There are so many more talented people around me that I admire and I aspire to learn a lesson or two. I write, simply, so that the universe that inspires me will be better appreciated. I write so that the unique culture, values and rich tradition that I have inherited will at its very least be known to you.
We are all here for fleeting moments and there is so much to be done in such a short time. Too much to see, too many people to love.
I thank you for flipping through this page and taking the time to look at my poem. If it touched you in anyway, I am grateful in more ways than you can imagine.... Thank you everyone and I wish you well.

Very good!
RAMAMBATIANA Nasolo Henintsoa | Jun 27th, 2008
Oh Shireen, it is a wonderful poem! I do imagine and live this feeling. Very good!

Shireen | Jul 31st, 2008
Thank you for your kind words. Your appreciation inspires me to continue to write. May life treat you well and God take care of you wherever you are. With warm wishes and best regards, Shireen

it is tourching...

Wahab ibn Hassan | Oct 29th, 2018
I feel so worried for being blown by the nostalgic wind of this poetry. Undetouchable, yes, undetouchable kiss! 'Miss' and 'kiss' always miss each other not because they rhyme, but for the fact that when the former lies between you and your love one, the latter is done to the mind in the air.

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