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Of We Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Carita, Canada Oct 16, 2004
Human Rights   Poetry


let’s start a solution
to this global pollution
self-absolution mate/
realistic evolution
egotistic revolution
artistic devolution
kinetic convolution
corrupt transnational collusion
of the governors behind
accepting cash and in-kind
contributions to silence
the insurgence of the mind

fight the power
fight fight

the power’s
trading gates for barbed wire
windows barred by the desire
to keep flying higher
hooked on oil the whole empire
shoots up to the quagmire
endless rounds, they never tire
of trying to acquire
good returns on the ire
of those they don’t admire
they’re not shy to inspire
call me a liar
for speaking the truth
you may think me uncouth
but these rhymes are pure sooth
if tainted by my youth
bequeathed tones of Ruth
the ever-so-slightest hint of vermouth
I stand behind word
even the most absurd
because just like a flipped bird
it means when it’s been heard

if pen’s to be might
it’s got to be held right
with the greatest intention
local-galactic intervention
the goal’s not to barge
but synthesize the charge
toward the retention
of polity writ large

a-litera-tion optation
for every generation
fed play by play-station
on a billion flat panels
nine hundred exact same channels
home-spun indoctrination
designed to curb sensation
diffusing aggravation
sending rage waves through a nation
hell-bent on obliteration
now set free on probation
and the unchecked pervasion
of in-group masturbation
was that a meta-euphoric aberration?

i refer to consummation
as a collaborative creation
would you tune in to rev/
give up closed-eyed vacation
regard the implication
of your stake in the desecration
peer into burning bushes
with your arms and your tush/es
on the line?

if so, it’s time, to
that you can
it you can
be it
you can be
it you can be it
you can
bow to it, be it
you can bow
to the power
of we



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Writer Profile

100% trans-national cuerpo-
ration finding he/r/elation-
ship between in/port and ex/
port, les portes ouvertes et
les autres portes...

That's Great
Wahab ibn Hassan | May 18th, 2013
Long but interesting. I couldn't stop reading. I wonder such rhymes coming from the head of living! Oh Carita! You have impressed me beyond ever.

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