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by Luciana, Romania Oct 12, 2004
Child & Youth Rights , Culture   Opinions


Article 2--Youth Taking Charge! Who are we?

We are young people from five continents fighting for a better world. We are enthusiastic, determined and confident. We hope that together we`ll be capable of making change. We are an advocacy group and we intend to fight for youth`s rights. Our list of future activities includes writing letters to the authorities, participating in public debates, providing information and offering advice regarding youth`s specific issues, fundraising and many others.

Our members are from different places already taking action in their countries, members of youth organizations such as SOCSA (of Africa), KEDAN (Kenya), Girl Guides (United Arab Emirates), or the Rotary Club (Canada). The group is formed by young people from Somaliland, France, Argentina, Mexico, Morocco, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, UAE, Portugal, Romania, Germany, Malaysia, Venezuela, Serbia, the Philippines, Spain, Poland, Sweden and the Ukraine.

We have also writen a condolence letter to Beslan`s victims written in all those countries' languages and signed by youth all over the world.

This week we`ll have an e-discussion on disability in the Voices of Youth forum of Unicef. There will be two guest speakers who will dicuss with young people and answer their questions. You are all invited to join this discussion and participate!(http://www.unicef.org/voy/discussions/showthread.php?p=2923#post2923)

Everybody is welcomed to join us and support our efforts to build a new future. We believe that young people are a force and we know how important it is to put together our voices in order to express our opinions today.

You can write us at article2advocacygroup@yahoo.com and visit our Yahoo Group "article2advocacygroup". (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/article2advocacygroup/)



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Writer Profile

Hello everyone! My name is Lucy,I`m from Romania and I am a member of "Article2" an international group created to help youth all over the world.We are all young people trying to determine a change.We would like to invite more members to join our group and to collaborate with other organisations,foundations or associations in order to help children and teenagers.We are also interested in online volunteering.We believe young people are the future and we would like to unite our forces to make this world a better place.Thank you.
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