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Purity Rides Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Andrew Lauman, Canada Oct 12, 2004
Health   Poetry


O God, how great thou art,
You have made the mountains shake
At the sound of your voice.

Can you hear His voice?
It runs where it wants and nothing can stop it.

Your majesty fills the earth,
And your glory goes before you.
You laugh and scoff at the tethers of commotion,
Nothing can dominate you.

Your grace is the corral,
And your works are the reigns,

As you ride into the darkness.

The clouds tremble and Hell shakes
As you part the night skies.

Your power comes, your power comes,
But not in the lightening or the earthquakes,
But it is the still quiet voice,
It is the still quiet voice.

It searches the earth,
Searching, seeking, looking, asking, longing.

To find a heart,
To find its love.
A love that will return its call.



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Writer Profile
Andrew Lauman

I find writing to be so opposite to whom I am. I did miserably at English as any of my proof readers or profs could tell you. My thoughts of sitting in one place for periods of time do not give me chills of excitement. However, I have found great satisfaction in allowing my thoughts to be found in the release of writing. I have been able to share some of my deeper emotions through my poems and this has been a wonderful creative process for me! Thanks to TIG for the opportunity.

Ricky | Oct 13th, 2004
Very powerful!

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