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Did i not see your eyes in the morning,
while you passed by me like the wind,
how was i to know that your flight took off,
Leaving with no goodbyes for friends or foe;

Should i question God if He was asleep,
or did He not forsee the evils advance,
Was it supposed to happen this way,
and for what purpose, if i may ask;

Eyes red like the morning Sun,
shirts and blouse soaked to the bone,
hands and feet in rambo of who is who,
Sounds of sorrows all in the air;

I pay my obeisance to God,
He who knows all and sees all things,
In awe, i bow with simlicity,
just to ask WHY...why them ?

akinbo a. a. cornerstone

Nota Bene.
In memory of late friends who were crashed to death by a reckless one-way driver (who assumed that it was well to use his money to cover his actions) on September 30th, 2004.



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Writer Profile
akinbo a. a. cornerstone

A prolific Nigerian writer with a gift for words. Wrote under the pen name of Fad and Quad during the Military Era. Currently uses the "pscornerstone" signature.

An activist with religious inclination and respect for cultural heritage, he grew up streetwise and with great love for his country, Nigeria.

He believes that he who holds the word holds the world.

Ricky | Oct 12th, 2004
It is good to get your voice heard on this issue.

clarita zarate | Dec 1st, 2004
I feel you have a strong message for all the world.

damilola adegoke | Oct 6th, 2006
...ship is in the word !

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