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All the World Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Adeyemi Adisa, United Kingdom Sep 16, 2004
Child & Youth Rights , Culture   Poetry


All the world is full of babies,
Sobbing, sighing everywhere;
Looking out, with eyes of terror,
Beating at the empty air.
Do they see the strife before them
That they sob and tremble so?
Oh, the helpless, frightened babies!
Still they come, and still they go.

All the world is full of children,
Laughing over little joys,
Sighing over little troubles,
Fingers bruised or broken toys;
Wishing to be older, larger,
Weeping at some fancied woe;
Oh, the happy, hapless, children!
Still they come, and still they go.

All the world is full of lovers,
Walking slowly, whispering sweet,
Dreaming dreams, and building castles
That must crumble at their feet;
Breaking vows and burning letters,
Smiling, lest the world shall know!
Oh, the foolish, trusting lovers!
Still they come, and still they go.

All the world is full of people,
Hurrying, rushing, pushing by,
Bearing burdens, carrying crosses,
Passing onward with a sigh;
Some there are with smiling faces,
But with heavy hearts below;
Oh, the sad-eyed, burdened people!
How they come, and how they go.

All the earth is full of sleepers,
Dust and bones laid there to rest;
This the end that babes and children,
Lovers, people, find at best.
All their fears and all their crosses,
All their sorrows wearing so.
Oh, the silent, happy sleepers,
Sleeping soundly, lying low.



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Writer Profile
Adeyemi Adisa

When I examine myself, I see writing as the only way to express my thoughts and have been wasting no time, however little, in ensuring that I express myself. This is an inspirational thought, potentially instilled in each and everyone of us, but the ways we express ourselves is the difference. I hope to meaningfully make use of most of my time and positively share my thoughts with others. You can check out my site (www.yemmmmy.co.nr) for more of my articles and poems.

That was beautiful...
Joanna Frizzell | Sep 18th, 2004
Bring a tear to my eye, yet a sweet smile to my face. What a meaningful beauty you speak to the heart, mind, body, and soul.

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