by Douglas Calvin
Published on: Jun 28, 2002
Type: Opinions

DC Teens to Produce Media with a Mission:
Worldyouth Media

Robin Chen Delos, (703) 476-1668
Douglas Calvin, (202) 489-7892

WASHINGTON DC. Who is the news? Young people are saying they have voices, and will produce media reflecting that. Worldyouth Media is launching a series of media trainings sessions beginning on Saturday,
July 13th from 12 - 5 pm in the basement media lab at the Josephine
Butler Center, located at 2437 15th Street NW.

Worldyouth Media is a youth media production and training network in
Washington. Participants will learn skills like newswriting, interviewing,
commentary writing,and radio production. Young people will then produce stories and commentaries for radio, web, and print.

“The common societal opinion is that teenagers are completely
indifferent toward world affairs and what is going on in the media.
However, many teens have strong viewpoints, and would bring sharp fresh perspectives to the media that right now we are so lacking,” says
Worldyouth Media intern and Duke Ellington School of the Arts student
Max Glaessner.

“Young people are almost invisible in the mainstream media. It is
usually when we commit a crime that we make the news headlines. We need the skills and support to create a new media reflecting our realities of living in the city or metro area. We must have a voice in media to have a voice in society and empower ourselves,” says Robin Chen Delos, Worldyouth Media Coordinator and South Lakes High School graduate.

“Why watch the news when you can be the news? The voices of DC area young people are among the most important in changing our communities and our world. We need peace in our neighborhoods and globally. Young people know what the problems are and some are doing great work and have the solutions. But many people don’t know about it. Everyone should know about it and that’s what we’re trying to change,” says Douglas Calvin, who directs the Youth Leadership Support Network.

Young media makers will begin a longterm partnership with media
trainers, including radio and print professional and community reporters
and photojournalists. The trainers will support participants in
producing news content.

“Young people are sources of information and news and will learn the
tools and the opportunity through access to public and community
newspapers and radio to communicate to their neighborhoods and the
world,” says Chen Delos.

A project of the Youth Leadership Support Network

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