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Drug-free Europe Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Charlo Seychell, Malta Jun 26, 2002
Education , Health , Culture   Opinions


PATH - European Youth Without Drugs is a European Network for young people.

PATH - European Youth Without Drugs' philosophy is for young people to show other young people that they can live life and have fun without drugs. The goal is to harness all the positive energy inherent in youth, and to achieve in the participants the charisma one needs to reach and influence other young people.

The basic idea is to encourage youth to opt for a healthy lifestyle.

Since PATH - European Youth Without Drugs is a European organisation, we work on three separate levels (The National Boards, the Regional Boards and the Executive Board) so as to secure utmost efficiency since all the European countries are expected to participate.PATH - European Youth Without Drugs is aiming at becoming a platform for European collaboration in the field of drug abuse prevention in youth work by bringing young people together to work on healthy lifestyles without drugs.

To reach its aims, PATH - European Youth Without Drugs will be working with young people to develop:
- a highly visible and positive image of a drug-free lifestyle;
- their preference and ability to live life and have fun without drugs; and
- alternative ways of getting a natural "high" without drugs.PATH - EYWD is seeking organisations or individuals around Europe to join in and represent it in their respective country.

If you would like to become our representative, or would like to contact our representatives in your country, then contact us at join@pathmalta.cjb.net

To learn more about PATH - EYWD, go to http://pathmalta.cjb.net



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