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Conscience of a Madman Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by ali.asghar, Pakistan Aug 28, 2004
Human Rights   Short Stories


How could they do this to me? He is my only brother. What went wrong? His wife must've ... Why am I thinking like that? But he knew I was going through a rough patch. My wife had recently left me for that idiot pilot. I have no idea what she saw in him.

What should I do now? My only brother kicked me out of his house. I have no place to live, no money, and no friends. God what is happening?
Life where are you taking me?

'Where am I?'
The children are playing. I am there.
Now I am walking...
Who am I?
That woman left me.
“You are useless...stain on our family name!
I am taking the kids with me...You will never see them again.”

An old man dying said, "You are the older son, take care of the younger one. He wont be able to do it himself." I heard that. Father never liked me.
Nobody likes me.
I am walking on the road. Can still hear the children laughing....but I cannot see them. She took them. Why are the kids hitting me?

The madman made various expressions as he strolled along the road. He had no clothes to cover him. He laughed. He cried. He screamed.
Life was nowhere close to him; neither dignity nor death. He walked away into the misty dawn with no hope to look at.



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Writer Profile

I don't write for a cause; I write for meaning.

Ricky | Oct 12th, 2004
Very unique and strong story!

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