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A Glimmer of Hope Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Judith, United States Aug 27, 2004
Human Rights   Poetry


They are clustered along the streets
Watching the dawn of a new day
With hope
The hope they have never realized
Yet with each ray of the sun
It is renewed and held with sheer determination.

Their melancholic eyes searching
For blurred image to call daddy or mummy
For a face they have never known
But still hope to find someday
And be at home
Homes build in their dreams
That seems all vanity

'Chokoraa" they are referred to on Kenya streets
Just because they are seeking for survival from bins and damping sites
Not minding the stench
And the school of flies
But when they beg for a penny
They are spit on and clothed with every disgusting word
And named as thugs,
On who they police their share on

They are alienated from their own
The outcasts of their community
Was it their making to be on the streets?
Did they drop from the heavens and land there?
These questions run through their mind
As they seek for answers that are a mystery to them.

They believe that their lies a tomorrow for them
No matter how bleak it may seem
The glimmer of hope still endures the storms
Though frail and uncertain
Just because
The certainty and strength lies on you and me.



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