by Angelicum Oda
Published on: Aug 12, 2004
Type: Opinions

Quando solo so la sogno al orizzonte e mancan le parole, io so che no ce luce e no na stanza quando manca il sole...sings a thirteen year-old boy on his way out of the largest Coliseum in Manila. He's of pure Filipino raise and origin, singing an Italian song on an unbelievably fast pace pouring of words. That is a pretty good vision for me, at least I finally encounter a "teen" that sides for the classical, specifically the opera. These days it is pretty certain that 19 out of 20 children of the same age-bracket will pick Eminem rather than Andrea Bocelli. That song "Con te partiro" was an Andrea Bocelli original, a duet he did with Sarah Brightman in 1996 and was voted by the greatest living musicians as one of the top twenty best duets of the 21st century. Hearing the song made me appreciate music, along with its roots of history. But it also made me think of the music world's future. I hope this boy will still like this kind of music when he reaches the age of eighteen. Well I'm not blaming the modern society to invent their own genre of music, but I am a bit concerned and doubted that the real music might someday turn into pure sole noise.

What makes me smile is the recent success of new artists performing classic songs and lyrics. For at least they made the classical fans proud and soaring. Watching the Billboard top twenty, it will be so rare if you didn't see Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne and the likes, for they themselves are great artists. They are always the newest hit, the idol and the so called musicians. No matter what, this music will remain beautiful as long as listeners find them beautiful and harmonious. It depends on how we define music and how we'll like to listen.

Modern Classic has been proved to be a success. Good example would be Josh Groban whom on its first self-titled Album "Josh Groban" defies the meaning of real music, featuring songs that are of English and Italian Lyrics, the language barrier is not a disadvantage, it instead became a key for better Balance in the USA world of new singers. Fans call themselves "Grobanites". Maxim on the other hand relived that beauty of pure Piano instrumentals, reviving "Bumble Bee" made him top the music charts all over. His classical pieces mixed with his modern move and physical attributes sure made him the most popular pianist of 2004. Another good example would have to be Michael Buble. Reviving and remixing music by Motown, Frank Sinatra and the likes is the key for his International fame.

According to David Foster, an Emmy Award winning talent handler, modern classic artists are getting more genuine respect from fans. He adds that this Genre of music, even if followers are fewer, will last to the fan's likings longer. Unlike that of the modern songs and rap that will only last until fans think that the music is already boring. And that makes Modern Classic a certified hit for both the teens and the oldies in one.

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