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Fate Unknown Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Judith, United States Aug 8, 2004
Human Rights   Poetry


I see their melancholic eyes
Piercing fiercely into the unknown tomorrow
Seeking for answers unfolded
Asking silent questions
Of their fate
Of their obscured destiny

I hear their silent whimper
Pleading to the well wishers for a meal
To enable them to at least see another day
To be able to build their dreams
Just to fill their rambling stomachs for that moment

They throttle with their emaciated little bodies
Through the kilometres they pull themselves
Searching for a coolant
To relief the hunger pain in their stomachs
That have gone empty for days

They persist on
Believing in each new day
Believing in the future they do not comprehend
Backing their hope it it’s flimsy promise

They are fighting to live
A care free live as children
Away from marasmus, skeletons, dry land and scotching heat
These famine stricken survivors hope to live their destiny
To cerebrate their freedom
To see tomorrow and live their dreams
The dreams that could be
If all people could embrace humanity
If they could have one love.



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Gideon | Aug 25th, 2004
the wonder of being in social inequality with some relishing while some are lanquishing kills my heart. i just wonder, why was it to be like that? you poem is well writen, it makes us smell the exact scent of the theme you were addressing. bravo! umeshinda mwanetu.

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