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Traffic Congestion in Lagos, Nigeria Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by (no name), Aug 7, 2004


Every year, hundreds of Nigerian final year students in different fields of study submit a research project to its department on "Traffic Congestion in Nigeria". You can place a phone call to the departments of civil engineering, surveying, geography of the University of Lagos alone to confirm this. But still, things seem to be getting worse, day by day. The island is a clarion of commuters; the mainland does not have comforters. Cars stay idling on spot for several hours. How will tomorrow be? Are we conscious of this ever-depressing trend?

Mobility in Lagos, Nigeria has turned to a road user's nightmare. So many researches and proposals have been made and presented, but no evident changes are witnessed. The government, they are trying their best, even though they do not obey the 'congestion rule', as they blast through with sirens blaring.

Today, a lot of damage has been caused by this unhealthy phenomenon. There is a marked increase in lateness to work, school and businesses. A lowered productivity, chronic fatigue, bad stress and the cumulative effect is a crashing down the line of the country's GDP, since Lagos happens to be the seat of the Nation's financial transactions.

If all this doesn't bother us, what about our children? What about their future and the future of the unborn? Of course, no human can solve mankind's problem, but we believe that we can make changes. We can live quality lives, after all. It's been working in Europe. It's working in neighbouring Ghana. That is because, their leaders are sensitive!

Tomorrow, we leave the University and join the tide. But can we influence the direction?

My opinion for the solution to this problem is the installation of traffic lights at all junctions and corners, as well as busy areas, including strategic spots. These lights should be solar-powered. Hence, solar panels could be placed not far from the traffic lights, thus they function night and day, without electric energy from the nation's crippled power corporation.

That the Nigerian society is in dire need of development is no news at all. The donkey years of military rule have often been identified as the cause of the decadence in our society. Democracy has been around for four years now yet, not much difference has been achieved either. It is evident that the problem does not necessarily lie with the governors but with the governed. The need for social and environmental reforms cannot be treated with kid gloves. Our nation has an international image that needs a lot of re-making and time is not a friend. The youths of today should be equipped to face these challenges and other related issues. True development will only be achieved when everyone begins to see as a responsibility and not a favour from any other person.
Development is an attainable feat in our land, but it has its roots embedded in the hearts of few who lead by example and in due cause would be emulated; it’s a ripple effect that would take some time to achieve; it would only take patience.

Let's support development in Nigeria and in the world at large!



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need to know more pls
suzzy ogutuga | Mar 30th, 2011
Any information or ideas on traffic light performance in Lagos?

materials on Traffic management
Hunkuten Sewanu | Jun 15th, 2012
I'm currently working on TRAFFIC ANALYSIS, -Safety and Management. please i need some materials to aid my writing. i need someone to help.

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