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Whose Military? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by AJI JAMES, Cameroon Aug 5, 2004
Human Rights   Poetry


I thought it was the people’s military,
For their wages is the tax-payer’s money.
Their uniforms are bought with the people’s money.

I was informed that they are to maintain law and order,
And that they are to protect the citizens.
They said they are accountable to the masses.

But the way they carryout their activities,
I am sure they are the people’s enemy.

The way they harass innocent citizens,
The way they molest the common man,
Makes one wonder what they are paid for.

Their uniform is a mask for theft.
Rapists- that is what they are.
They kill not foes, but the harmless.

The mere sound of their siren sends people dashing for cover.
Wherever they go, the stench of terror follows them closely.

It is the people’s military,
Yet all they do is kill, loot, and rape.
That’s what they do,
That’s what they are,
That’s all they are.



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Writer Profile

I developed an interest in writing in primary school, where writing and documenting the stories that were told in the evenings when the family gathered around the fireside was a hobby.
This interest increased when I travelled to Nigeria for university studies. My thoughts found a way of expression through poetry, which I had hitherto thought very complicated.
I presently have over fifty poems, a little below twenty short stories, and several articles on diverse social issues.

Strait up!!
RN Wagner | Jul 19th, 2008
Thanks for being honest, i will read your other work.

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