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Death Penalty Abolition and Missing Fundamentals Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Wilfred Mamah, United Kingdom Jul 27, 2004
Human Rights   Opinions


punishment that could be meted out is in fact life imprisonment. I feel comparison like the above could help us. I think what has happened is that society is now looking beyond the criminal. The criminal may deserve death, but the society, standing on a higher pedestal than the depraved offender, will refuse to kill him, but rather seek to recapture him to become a useful member of the society. Let me say this finally, with all due respect for the "retentionists": I feel strongly that the days of death penalty in Nigeria are numbered. Soon, very soon, Nigerian public will be better informed about the complex issues involved, and I foresee a massive deflection to the abolitionists' camp. Issues like, why are they criminals and what has government done to discourage criminality, will soon be receiving greater emphasis than the hurried decimation of a generation our youths on the basis of a backward-looking notion of "an eye for an eye"

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