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The Water Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Alligator, Egypt Jul 9, 2004
Human Rights , Environment , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


I was so small in the depth of clay
Waiting for the helping hand to hold
So dark in here, who am I?
Who are you?
My friend, my family
I ‘m not believing in your care
Get out of my face, leave me alone
Did I hurt you before?
I am sure I never hurt even an ant.
So why you keep hurting me, leave me in peace
I seek help in you and then you tricked me with your fake relief
You played in my mind a lot and I knew that you would
But how can I lose my only resort?
I was so sure that you will be one of them, but yet I was lying to myself
Are you enjoying?
Why you believe I am stupid?
Well am sure I’ll move one like I did before and still learning for more and more
I’ll forgive, just because I knew that God loves my pure soul
I won’t accept injustice no more, I will be the Jude, and I will be the executioner,
I will stand over my heart to dig the way out, I will not see not hear not speak no more
Just me, myself and I whom I trust and looking for!



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Writer Profile

To me, writing poems is like when I need to scream and get everything out of me!
It's food for my soul!
It's like the crying of a child asking for his toy!
It's like the most beautiful view on earth!

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